Applying for Graduation/Degree Conferral

Applying for Graduation/Degree Conferral

Applying for Graduation/Degree Conferral

In order to officially graduate and receive a degree, students must fill out an official Graduation Application. Please note that participating in the annual Commencement Ceremony is not the same as graduating. Click here to learn more about Commencement. A degree will only be awarded when a student has met all the requirements of their program. Applications are not accepted after the deadline.


Rejection and Incompletes

If a student does not meet all the requirements of their degree, their graduation application will be rejected. Students must fill out another graduation application once all of the degree requirements are complete.

Incompletes (grades of IN) must be resolved in order for a student to graduate. Incomplete grades cannot be replaced with withdrawal (W) grades. If a final grade has not been recorded by the deadline for degree clearance, students may need to reapply for the next degree clearance cycle. It is the student’s responsibility to check in with their professor, ensure that a final letter grade (A-F) has been posted, and notify the Registrar when the final grade has been posted.

How to Apply to Graduate:

  1. Log in to Self-Service Banner.
  2. Click on the “Student” tab.
  3. Click “Apply to graduate.”
  4. Complete the application -- it only takes a few minutes!
  5. When filling in the diploma name, keep in mind that this is what will be printed on your official diploma. It should only contain prefixes, first, middle, and last names.
  6. After completing the application, you will see an acknowledgement. Save/print this acknowledgement for your records.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation congratulating you on your achievement. It will also have details about payment and instructions about Commencement. Once you receive this email, your degree will be reflected in your transcript in Self-Service Banner. Please note that your diploma will not be mailed until all outstanding balances have been paid and all holds have been released. Consult your academic department to resolve this issue.

Other Certifications

Certificates of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS), Certificates of Graduate Study (COGS), and Certificates of Undergraduate Study (CUGS)

Once grades have been posted, please complete a Certificate Completion Processing Form. Students need to get their advisor’s signature. Once processed, your certificate will be reflected on your transcript. There is a $15 fee for printed certificates.

State Educational Certifications

State Educational Certification applications must be filed with the College of Education. For more information regarding New Jersey Certification and deadlines, visit the College of Education's certification website.

If you have any questions or encounter problems during the graduation process, email us at