Application for Completion of Certificate

Application for Completion of Certificate

Graduation Information

Applying for Graduation/Degree Conferral

Submission of an Application for Graduation is a requirement for degree conferral. Students should review their GRAD (Graduation Requirements Advising Database) report or transcript through Student Self Service Banner, and meet with their advisor for approval to proceed. Failure to do so may result in inadequate preparation of degree requirements, leading to the rejection of the graduation application. Rejected applicants must reapply for graduation, and resubmit the processing fee when they have fullfilled the requirements.

Students apply online through Self Service Banner, under the Student Menu, by clicking on the "Apply to Graduate" link. If there are any issues while filling out the application, please email our Graduation Administrator at The application only takes a few moments to fill out, and the student will see an acknowledgement after they apply, which should be printed and kept for their records. When filling in the diploma name, keep in mind this is the name that will appear on your official diploma. Only first, middle, last and prefix names are printed on the official diploma.

Beginning Fall 2016, there is now no late fee/late deadline for the non-refundable processing fee of $100. This will be charged one time only per degree and payable to Rowan University. Applications are NOT accepted after the deadline dates.

  • Certificate Completion Processing Form - For Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS), Certificate of Graduate Study Programs (COGS) and Certificate of Undergraduate Study (CUGS). Submit signed/approved forms AFTER all grades and coursework have been completed and appropriate advising received. Printed certificates will be available upon advisor sign off.

Email Notification

Upon processing the application for graduation, email confirmation will be issued to each student's Rowan email account. This email includes details regarding payment and instruction on Commencement.

Degree Conferral

Email will also serve to Congratulate students once their degree has been awarded (conferred). This email also states that the degree is now reflected via the Self-Service transcript. **Please note, a diploma will not be mailed until all outstanding balances and holds are released from the students' account. Students should consult their academic departments to ensure immediate resolution to all outstanding issues. **



As a requirement for graduation, students must file an application for graduation during the designated time periods listed in the chart at the top of this page. Students who do not successfully complete academic requirements by the end of the term must reapply when they have fullfilled the requirements.

State Educational Certification applications must be filed with the College of Education. For more information regarding New Jersey Certification and deadlines, visit the College of Education's certification website.


Graduation, Degree Conferral, and Outstanding INCOMPLETE Grades

Policy concerning incomplete grades is frequently misunderstood. No grade of incomplete (IN) may be carried beyond graduation. If a final grade has not been recorded by the deadline date for degree clearance, students may need to re-apply for the next degree clearance cycle. It is the student’s responsibility to check with appropriate faculty to determine his/her status, ensure that a final grade has been submitted prior to graduation, and notify the Office of the Registrar when the INC replacement grade has been posted thus permitting degree conferral. A grade of "IN" CANNOT BE REMOVED WITH A GRADE OF W.