Transfer Course Database

Transfer Course Database

Undergraduate Transfer Credit Equivalent Database

  1. Select the name of the institution that you would like to transfer credits from. You may type the school name or scroll to find the school.
  2. Select the course(s) that you would like equivalency information for. You may select multiple courses. Please click anywhere outside the drop down menu to view the course equivalencies.
    • If no equivalent is viewable, we do not have a current equivalency on file. This does not mean that the course would not transfer to the University. It just means that it has not yet been reviewed. 
    • If course equivalencies are present, you may also view course attributes by hovering over the corresponding (i) icon under the Rowan Course Attributes column.
    • To clear the Transfer Courses field, you may use the undo/revert buttons in the bottom left corner of the webpage.

Please note: Course equivalents listed on this database are unofficial and course equivalents are updated on a daily basis. Students will be awarded the most recent equivalent on file when official transcripts are evaluated by the Registrar’s Office.

American Council of Education (ACE)

Rowan University accepts transfer credits from a variety of educational institutions as well as learning services. The American Council of Education (ACE) offers a national guide of recommendations for courses and exams to be completed for college credits.

ACE Approved Nomenclatures

BOMI- BOMI International; JST- Joint Services (Military); NJAT- Electrical Training Alliance; PF- Penn Foster; PS- Pearson; SA- Saylor Academy; SC-; SHMO- Shmoop; SL- StraighterLine; SO- Sophia Learning; WALT- Walt Disney

To search in our online database for course equivalents use the Institution name ‘ACE: 641000’ then the transfer courses ‘Subject-’ nomenclature of choice from the list above, followed by the actual course information.

Don't See An Equivalent On File?

If a course is not viewable in this table, it simply means that no student has ever transferred that course to Rowan University. As long as the transferring course is not a basic skills, intermediate algebra, or a computer literacy course, students will receive a minimum of Free Elective credit. Courses will be evaluated further once a student has been accepted to the University.

For current Rowan University students, if you are looking to take a course at another institution to satisfy major or degree requirements and do not see an equivalent on file, click here for the “Course Equivalent Request Form” to have the course evaluated prior to taking the course.