Graduation Policies & Practices

Graduation Policies & Practices

Graduation Policies & Practices

Graduation, Degree Conferral, and Outstanding INCOMPLETE Grades

Policy concerning incomplete grades is frequently misunderstood. No grade of incomplete (IN) may be carried beyond graduation. If a final grade has not been recorded by the deadline date for degree clearance, students may need to re-apply for the next degree clearance cycle. It is the student’s responsibility to check with appropriate faculty to determine his/her status, ensure that a final grade has been submitted prior to graduation, and notify the Office of the Registrar when the INC replacement grade has been posted thus permitting degree conferral. A grade of "IN" CANNOT BE REMOVED WITH A GRADE OF W.


Compliance with NSLDS and Federal Regulations

The following policies and practices are to ensure compliance with federal regulations. This is important to the dates for reporting graduated students through the National Student Clearinghouse and then the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).  It is required that NSLDS receive those reports within 60 calendar days from the end of term date for the term in which the student is listed as applying and posted as graduating in our records.


  • Beginning with the Fall 2017 graduation application pool, students will be required to complete any and all degree requirements (including any internships, final projects, clinical hours, thesis/papers, etc. as well as unresolved incompletes and transfer credits) by the end of term date for the term in which they are applying to graduate and no back-dating of awards will be permitted.
  • If the student is unable to complete all items in time, they may remove their application (if discovered prior to advisor review) or their application would be rejected. Either way, the student is able to re-apply (without any additional cost) for the next term in which they know they will have completed all requirements. Remember, re-applying is 100% online and only takes a few moments.


Special Courtesy for Past and Current Graduation Applications

  • At this point, all degree awards that could be made for Summer 2017 or earlier have been made.
  • All Fall 2017 and Winter 2017-2018 applications have been submitted and that application window is closed.
  • While any outstanding past applicants, as well as any current applicants, will need to comply with the policy outlined above, we recognize that this change was not anticipated. Therefore, as a temporary measure, and as a courtesy, the Office of the University Registrar will manually move any student (not yet rejected) who completes their degree requirements after the term to which they’ve originally applied to the next possible term, posting their degree and notifying the student. This means that past and current applicants (up to Winter 2017-2018) will not need to re-apply.


Special Notes to Faculty regarding Final Grade Submission and Processing of Incompletes

  • This new policy reinforces the need for the timely submission of all grades by the due date. If grades are not submitted on time, students’ graduation will be delayed and we will not be able to back-date.
  • We are currently updating the incomplete policy in accordance with these changes. In the meantime, if an incomplete grade is the only reason a student’s graduation cannot be awarded, we will not reject them. Instead, we will keep their application open (following the incomplete grace period of one term). If after that one term, a grade has still not been submitted, the application will be rejected and the student will need to re-apply. If after that one term, a successful grade has been submitted, again, as a courtesy, the Office of the University Registrar will manually move any student to the next possible term, posting their degree, and notifying the student.


Special Note to Advisors

  • The new policy also makes timely completion of Advisor Graduation Application Reviews critical, and we will not be able to back-date.
  • In particular, we will rely heavily on Advisors to communicate this information to those students who regularly will complete requirements after the term (such as those with clinical practical or internship requirements including Health Promotion & Wellness Management, College of Education/Clinical Practice, TOSD, Law & Justice, and Radio/TV/Film). Essentially, all students must complete ALL requirements without exception for all active programs on their learner record within the term in which they apply to graduate. Otherwise, they must apply to a future term.
  • We will offer a June 30 conferral date, in addition to the August 30 date, in order to better serve those students who complete requirements soon after the spring term. (Note: To use the June 30th conferral date students should still apply within the already-established Summer application deadlines. More information will be shared with Advisors soon.)
  • Please note that the Spring 2018 graduation application opens January, 3, 2018, and the Summer 2018 graduation application opens April 2, 2018.