Transfer Credit Policies

Transfer Credit Policies

Transferring Credits -Transfer Credit Policies

Transfer Credit Policy Summary

Rowan University accepts the transfer of credits earned at other institutions of higher education on the basis of course equivalency. Course equivalency is the determination that a course taken at another institution is comparable to a course offered by Rowan University in terms of objectives, learning outcomes, and educational level. Mode of delivery is not a relevant or distinguishing factor in evaluating equivalency. Equivalent courses are accepted and applied to meet program requirements. Some courses that do not have direct equivalencies, but are still determined to be worth college credit, may be accepted as free electives or general education courses, and count as earned hours.  The University evaluates credits based on established equivalencies as well as on an individualized, case-by-case analysis. The appropriate academic department determines the acceptance and application of all transfer courses that are not already recognized as equivalencies. If appropriate, academic departments may designate a maximum age for credits to be accepted to fulfill major requirements. General education and free elective credits do not expire. For all students admitted after September 1, 2014, academic programs may not limit the number of transfer credits to be accepted and may not differentiate between two-year institutions and four-year institutions with respect to the number of transfer credits accepted. Students must be matriculated at Rowan University to have transfer credits entered into their academic records. (Click here for the full and official set of transfer credit policies.)

Sending Transfer Credit Transcripts

It is the student’s responsibility to have a final official transcripts for any college-level coursework forwarded as outlined below:

  • If already officially admitted to the University (including current students): send directly to the Office of the University Registrar (Office of the University Registrar, ATTENTION: TRANSCRIPTS, Rowan University, 201 Mullica Hill Rd., Glassboro, NJ 08028) as soon as it becomes available.
    • If a transcript that you sent to Rowan includes courses in progress (without final grades), you must send an additional transcript once the grades have been posted. This is the student responsibility, and no credits can be posted without official grades on an official transcript.
  • If not yet officially admitted to the University: send directly to the appropriate Admissions Office (depending upon the program to which you are applying, which will either be the Undergraduate Admissions Office ( or Rowan Global for accelerated/non-traditional undergraduate programs and all graduate/non-medical programs (

About Duplicate Credit

Rowan University transfer credit cannot be granted in cases of duplicated content. Duplicated content may be due to a variety of factors including AP or any non-traditional credit and/or prior college course credit. In such cases, a prior transfer credit posting/award may be removed from the student transcript/credit bank if the student duplicates that content/credit via Rowan University coursework or other transfer credit that is reviewed after the original posting. Please be aware that, depending upon when a student shares/sends a transcript or other credit-earning items to the Office of the University Registrar for evaluation, duplicated credit might be discovered and removed even after initial matriculation into Rowan University.

Credit Appeals

If you disagree with a posted course equivalency and/or believe a mistake has been made in the process, you may appeal the email to the Coordinator, University Transfer Services. Appeals should be sent to for initial review. All decisions will be communicated to the student via the student’s Rowan University email address and, if approved, sent to the Office of the University Registrar for any updates. See also the official appeals policy below.

Transfer Credit Limits

While there is no limit to traditional course credits transferred (from an accredited college or university), University policy requires a minimum of 30 credits be completed through Rowan University coursework and therefore, for most programs, allows up to ninety (90) transfer credits to apply towards the degree/program. Depending upon the individual situation, credits will fulfill general education, major requirements, and/or electives.

Credit Hours and Grades

Credits are transferred on a semester-hour basis; credits from schools on the quarter-hour system may transfer at a less than one-for-one rate. In some cases, a course may be recognized as equivalent but have fewer credits than the corresponding Rowan University requirement. Academic departments will identify appropriate and reasonable measures for addressing such discrepancies, which may include additional course or credit requirements or waivers. Grades earned in courses that are transferred are recorded on the transcript but do not count toward the student’s Rowan University grade point average. Earned credits are transferred and posted irrespective of grades. However, credits may not necessarily be applied to program requirements in cases where a minimum grade is required as part of an approved curriculum requirement that applies uniformly to transfer and native students alike.


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