Training for Advisors

Training for Advisors

Training for Advisors


Degree Works Responsive Dashboard (PDF)

  • This documentation explains using Degree Works in the current look and feel (Responsive Dashboard). It goes over how to access Degree Works, review the audit worksheet, use audit tools (What-if, GPA Calculator, Search, Print, Contacting Students), and adding notes.

Making Exceptions in Degree Works (PDF)

  • Learn how to access and make exceptions in Degree Works, including examples and various scenarios for best practices.

Student Educational Planner (SEP) (PDF)

  • The SEP documentation reviews the Student Educational Planner and discusses how to add 8 semester plans for a student using a template and how to build plans from scratch.




Interpreting Degree Works Data:


What-If Analysis:


GPA Calculators:




Responsive Dashboard Demo: