Grading System/GPA Calculation

Grading System/GPA Calculation

Grading System/GPA Calculation

NOTE: While Transfer credit may be applied to the Rowan degree program, transfer grades are not included within the Rowan GPA. Transfer courses are not subject to Rowan University Repeat Policy guidelines. 

Calculating GPA

GPA calculation might seem confusing at first because of the terminology involved:

  • Quality point values are based on the letter grade a student earns in a class (for example, a B+ is 3.3 quality points). See the chart below for all letter grade/quality point equivalencies.
  • Credit hours refers to the number of credits a class counts toward a degree. Most undergraduate courses are 3 credits.

To calculate your GPA:

  • Multiply the number of credits and the number of quality points for each class
    • Example: a B+ in a 3 credit class
      3.3 x 3= 9.9
  • Add the total from each class
  • Divide the total quality points by the total number of credit hours

You can use this formula to calculate your GPA by semester or your cumulative GPA of all your Rowan University classes.

Example Calculation:

Letter Grade in Class Credit Hours Quality Point Value of Grades Total Quality Points
A 3 4.0 12
B+ 3 3.3 9.9
B 3 3 9
A- 3 3.7 11.1

Totals for example semester:

Total Quality Points= 42
Total Credit Hours= 12
42/12= 3.5 GPA

Quality Points by Letter Grade

Letter Point Value Description
A 4 points per credit hour Excellent
A– 3.7 points per credit hour  
B+ 3.3 points per credit hour  
B 3 points per credit hour Good
B– 2.7 points per credit hour  
C+ 2.3 points per credit hour  
C 2 points per credit hour Fair
C– 1.7 points per credit hour  
D+ 1.3 points per credit hour  
D 1 points per credit hour  
D– 0.7 points per credit hour  
F 0 per credit hour Failure

Other Notes about GPA Calculation:

  •  IN (Incomplete), NC (No Credit), P (Pass), W (Withdraw), WP (Withdraw Passing), WF (Withdraw Failing), AU (Audit), U (Unsatisfactory) or S (Satisfactory) grades are not calculated in the GPA.
    • For information about Pass or No Credit grading options, please visit this page. 
  • All attempts at a course are recorded on a student’s transcript: the most recent grade is factored into a student’s GPA.
  • No IN grade may be carried beyond graduation or replaced with a W. Click here to learn more.


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