Orientation Programs

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Orientation Programs

Orientation Programs

Welcome to Rowan University! We are glad that you have chosen to continue your education at Rowan University!

We have been working diligently to create a variety of orientation options that will introduce you to our campus and to the offices & departments that are critical to your success as a Rowan student, and to make sure that you are ready for the start of the fall semester. 


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2021 Orientation Programs

You will have the opportuntiy to particiapte in a minimum of one of our three Orientation program options.  You will receive an email once Orientation program registrations open.  

  1. Virtual Orientation is a one-day synchronous program offered by academic college or school via online platforms. 
  2. Online Orientation is an asynchronous online course offered through Canvas.  The online orientation is self-paced and can be completed beginning June 1st and must be completed prior to the start of the fall semester. 
  3. Campus Business Day is a three hour on-campus experience for students who need assistance completing items on their New Student Checklist.  

Orientation Program Expectations

We expect students to make their own reservations for orientation (and to make the parent & family reservations as well). Students are responsible for managing their Rowan Network and Banner account information and keeping this information safe and secure. Students should not share this information with anyone in order to protect the confidentiality of student records. See the complete Acceptable Use Policy for more information.

We expect students to particiapte in all orientation activities. All orientation sessions are required and programming is specifically designed to assist students with their academic and social transition to the University.

It is our goal for students to build a relationship with their advisors as well as learn the necessary skills to register on their own in future terms. Therefore, we expect students to register for classes with the assistance of the professional academic advisors only, and not their parents or family members.

We expect students to follow all University policies, as well as all applicable laws and ordinances, including rules prohibiting alcohol and drug use. Failure to comply with these rules can result in dismissal from orientation without being permitted to register for classes, termination of fall residence hall contract, further disciplinary action by the University, and/or legal consequences such as arrests, tickets and fines, and future appearances in local courts.

Parent & Family Orientation

Parent & Family Orientation will now be online.

The Rowan student must make Parent & Family Orientation reservations as part of their orientation reservation process. Please discuss with your student whether or not you would like information about Parent & Family Orientation. The Rowan student will be asked to enter guest(s) information including a contact phone number and e-mail address in the online system.