Greek Affairs

Greek Affairs

Greek Affairs

Rowan University recognizes the Greek Community as an integral part of the institution’s educational mission. The fraternities and sororities share responsibility with Rowan University in facilitating the learning process for students and cultivating an environment that enriches the educational experience. 


The mission of the Greek Community at Rowan University is to encourage and promote intellectual curiosity through academic achievement and to develop the personal and social skills of students by providing leadership opportunities through self-governance. In addition, the Greek Community strives to promote service through the University’s co-curricular programs and through community involvement. The co-curriculum, established by Rowan University’s Mission Statement on student development, promotes growth toward attitudinal and ethical development; and, responsibility to self and others through active participation in the betterment of the campus and larger community. The Greek Community is expected to plan its activities with academic and co-curricular mission of the University in mind.

Pillars of Excellence

Shaping Student Leaders who will Raise their Voices and Challenge the Status Quo
Students have the opportunity to be an Executive Board member or general representative of the Inter-Greek Council (IGC) or their specified Greek council; The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), The Greek Cultural Organizations Council (GCOC), The Interfraternity Council (IFC), and The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). These councils assist in running recruitment, creating programs, and governing Greek life as a whole. Each Greek chapter also has their own Executive Board and various other and leadership roles. These positions allow students to develop transferable skills they will one day bring into the workforce. Students involved in Greek life can also be found holding various other positions of leadership across campus. Students are afforded to develop their leadership in a variety of ways through their involvement within Greek Life, whether by holding positions, participating in events, or simply by honing skills that will transfer to other areas of life and professional development.
Strengthening Academic Performance and Promoting Responsibility
Any Rowan student interested in joining a Greek organization must hold a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, however, each Greek organization may require a higher GPA. Greek organizations typically require each member to complete weekly study hours based on their GPA. All Greek chapters must abide by Rowan’s Academic Policy, as well as the Greek Academic Policy. The Office of Greek Affairs provides the opportunity for Greek community members who are excelling academically to be inducted into Order of Omega National Greek Honor Society.
Promoting Inclusivity and Inspiring Individuals to Participate in Philanthropy and Service
Greek life is a safe zone, and is inclusive to all. Students who are interested in Greek life should feel a sense of belonging in the same way that fully initiated members do. Joining a Greek organization propels students to find their home away from home, and create relationships that last a lifetime. In addition to joining a specific organization, a student also joins the Greek community where many connections can be made. Rowan Greek organizations raise tens of thousands of dollars for various charities, and participate in hundreds of service events each year. Members of Greek organizations embrace ‘community’ in many ways, whether collaborating within the Greek community, involvement within the campus community, or service to our local community.
Carrying out Established Practices and Expressing Honor for all Rituals
Greek life dates back to the 1700s. It was at this time Greek life traditions and the formation of sacred rituals first began. Greek life on Rowan’s campus first began in 1961. Rowan Greek organizations started to follow long standing national traditions, and even formed traditions unique to their own chapters that still exist today. Though all Greek organizations are founded on separate ideals and traditions, Greek life at Rowan has decades worth of Greek community traditions including but not limited to Greek Week.

Why go Greek?

Each Greek organization is founded on a set of unique principles. This allows for a strong and sacred bond that is held together by a common purpose. Rowan University’s Greek community is assembled by great standards of excellence that regulate the fraternity and sorority experience. As a thriving Greek Community of 39 recognized fraternities and sororities, our overarching core values including scholarship, leadership, community, and tradition are what bring us together as one.

The Greek community at Rowan University has been in existence since 1961, with a continuing tradition of excellence. Through the years, we have been a community that fosters academic excellence, leadership abilities, philanthropic services, and active contributions to both the campus and Glassboro community. While each organization maintains its’ own activities, traditions, and national affiliations, each is founded on similar principles of scholarship, leadership, community service, and lifelong friendship.

Our Greek community has developed extensive self-governing policies concerning human rights, hazing, and substance abuse. In addition, the Inter-Greek Council, comprised of undergraduate chapter members, serves as the governing body for fraternities and sororities. The Greek experience at Rowan University provides a safe and fun way to maximize the college experience.


Office of Greek Affairs
Chamberlain Student Center, Suite 117
201 Mullica Hill Road, Glassboro NJ 08028

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