New Student Checklists

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New Student Checklists

New Student Checklists

Congratulations on your acceptance to Rowan University!

Now that you have been admitted to Rowan University you probably have many things on your mind. To assist you during this exciting time we hope the following checklists will help you stay organized. Each checklist item is important to your successful transition to college life. Please read and complete each item with attention to the given dates, and please contact the appropriate departments if you have any questions.

Checklists for Spring Term Admits

We recommend that students utilize their custom tasklist online within the orientation reservation system if possible.

Your Custom Tasklist

We have created a custom New Student Checklist that displays appropriate items for you to complete based on your term of admission and student type (freshman, transfer, etc.). You must have already confirmed your offer of admission and set up your Rowan Network username and password in order to access your tasklist.

View your custom tasklist online within the orientation reservation system!

Please check off items as you complete them. This is a self-report of items that you believe you have been completed, it is not validated with any other Rowan system. Some departments may send you communications based on your task list status, so please keep this up to date and check it often.

Checklists for Fall Term Admits

Checklists for students admitted to begin classes in the fall term 2019 will be available in February, 2019. Here are common tasklist items: