For Parents

For Parents

For Parents

Dear parent(s) and family members,

As your student attends Rowan University, they will have many opportunities to become involved in campus life. They will have the chance to learn about Fraternity and Sorority Life which has been a part of the Rowan University community since 1968.

The mission of the Greek Community at Rowan University is to encourage and promote intellectual curiosity through academic achievement and to develop the personal and social skills of students by providing leadership opportunities through self-governance. In addition, the Greek Community strives to promote service through the University's co-curricular programs and through community involvement.

Fraternity and sorority membership can offer many great opportunities to enhance your student’s experience while at Rowan University. Scholarship, service to others, leadership, networking and friendship are among the many qualities that have attracted students to join Greek-letter organizations.

We also would like to inform you of the expectations we have for our Greek organizations at the University. Rowan University does not tolerate hazing or abuse in our fraternities or sororities. We encourage you to be an active mentor to your student as he or she participates in recruitment and to remain open minded. Fraternity and Sorority Life is certainly a source of pride at Rowan University and every chapter has something unique to offer. The opportunities for meaningful campus relationships and involvement within the Greek Community are endless. All members of the Greek Community are challenged to reach their personal best. We look forward to your student becoming a part of our Greek Community!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Fraternity and Sorority Life staff at 856-256-4042 or email us at


Emmalee Holaday
Assistant Director, Student Organization Services