Gold Leadership Certificate

Gold Leadership Certificate

Gold Leadership Certificate

The Gold Leadership Certificate is the third & highest level of the Leadership Certificate program.  Students who have already completed the Silver Certificate or the Level 2 Certificate (prior to 2018) are eligible for the Gold Certificate.

Leaders work with a higher purpose in mind.  Leaders make sure they give back, so that others might have a better chance of succeeding around them.  

The Gold Leadership Certificate will explore Community & Societal Values of leadership over the course of one academic year.  In doing so, students will attend leadership seminars, act as a mentor on campus, and gain a better sense of how to translate their on-campus experience to life after college.  Through this year, Gold stuents will explore “Citizenship” and "Career Development".  In addition, we’ll work at providing ways to pass on the leadership knowledge that you’ve gained to others in the University, and ways to include that same knowledge in preparing for your career after college.

To join the Gold Leadership Certificate, attend a Gold Certificate Intake Meeting hosted by Leadership Rowan.  If you are unable to attend one of these meetings or if you have any questions about the Certificate program, email Leadership Rowan to set up a time to meet.

Gold students can track their progress through the Gold Certificate on ProfLink.  To check your progress in the Gold Certificate ProfLink Path, go to your Paths page on the ProfLink site.  If you have any issues with your ProfLink path, email Leadership Rowan -- we can fix any issue!


Overview of Gold Leadership Certificate requirements

  • Attend a Gold Leadership Intake Meeting
  • Attend events as part of the STEP UP model throughout the semester
  • Attend 4 Leadership Rowan Mentor gatherings.
  • Attend 2 Gold Leadership Seminars per semester (4 through the academic year) focused around “Citizenship” and “Career Development”
  • Assist in facilitating or presenting at a Leadership Rowan Signature Event or Certificate Seminar.

For a full list of Gold Leadership Certificate requirements, click here(This link will take you to a viewable Google doc)