Silver Leadership Certificate

Silver Leadership Certificate

Silver Leadership Certificate

The Silver Leadership Certificate is the second level of the Leadership Certificate program.  Students who have already completed the Bronze Certificate or the Leadership Level 1 Certificate (prior to 2018) are eligible for the Silver Certificate.  If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to email Leadership Rowan

If you've already completed the Silver Certificate, make sure you sign up for the Gold Certificate--the highest level certificate in the program!

Teams are everywhere.  Clubs, project teams, e-boards, committees, lab groups, intramural teams, & the list goes on.  Great leaders know how to bring teams together around a common goal.

The Silver Leadership Certificate will explore Group Values of leadership over the course of one academic year.  In doing so, students will attend leadership seminars, effectively manage a role on a team around campus, and gain a better understanding of how to strive toward a common purpose with their team & disagree productively with their team.  Through this year, Silver students will explore different group values of leadership, including “Collaboration”, “Controversy with Civility”, and “Common Purpose.”

To join the Silver Leadership Certificate, fill out the ProfLink form to join the Silver Certificate after the fall semester begins. If you have any questions about the Certificate program, email Leadership Rowan to set up a time to meet.

Silver students can track their progress through the Silver Certificate on ProfLink.  To check your progress in the Silver Certificate ProfLink Path, go to your Paths page on the ProfLink site.  If you have any issues with your ProfLink path, email Leadership Rowan -- we can fix any issue!

Overview of some opportunities within the Silver Leadership Certificate

  • Serve on a on- or off-campus team setting.  This could be a job, eboard position, Res Hall staff position, RHA, PROS, Ambassadors, etc.
  • With that team, complete a service project together at some point throughout the academic year.
  • Keep up with journal entries to reflect on the development of your team through the academic year.
  • Attend 4 Silver Leadership Seminars in either the fall or spring semester.
  • Attend 6 Campus Leadership Events through the academic year.