Bronze Leadership Certificate

Bronze Leadership Certificate

Bronze Leadership Certificate

All students at Rowan University are eligible for the Bronze Certificate.  

The Bronze Leadership Certificate is the first level of the Leadership Certificate program.  The Bronze Leadership Certificate is the first stop for all Rowan students looking to grow their leadership skills in college.  At Leadership Rowan, we believe there are no natural born leaders. Rather, leadership is a muscle & it grows with exercise. Leadership is not about the position you hold, but instead about the process of bringing people together to affect change.

The Bronze Leadership Certificate will explore Individual Values of leadership over the course of one academic year.  In doing so, students will attend leadership seminars, identify a mentor on campus, and gain a better understanding of their strengths moving forward.  Through this year, Bronze students will explore different individual values of leadership, including “Commitment”, “Consciousness of Self”, and “Congruence.”

To join the Bronze Leadership Certificate, attend a Bronze Certificate Intake Meeting hosted by Leadership Rowan.  If you are unable to attend one of these meetings or if you have any questions about the Certificate program, email Leadership Rowan to set up a time to meet.

Bronze students can track their progress through the Bronze Certificate on ProfLink.  To check your progress in the Bronze Certificate ProfLink Path, go to your Paths page on the ProfLink site.  If you have any issues with your ProfLink path, email Leadership Rowan -- we can fix any issue!

If you’ve already completed the Bronze Certificate, sign up for the Silver Certificate to continue your leadership journey!


Overview of Bronze Leadership Certificate requirements

For a full overview of the Bronze Leadership Certificate requirements, click here(this link will take you to a viewable Google doc)