Greek Intramural Cup

Greek Intramural Cup

Greek Intramural Cup

The Greek Intramural Cup is a competition between all Greek Organization in regards to their participation and performance in different intramural sports offered at Rowan University. The Greek IM Cup is open to all NPC, NPHC, IFC, and GCOC fraternities and sororities that are recognized by Fraternity and Sorority Life at Rowan University. If your organization does not have enough members to field a team, extra points will be given to organizations who pair with one or more other organizations to create a team. This can also be done for co-rec leagues if a fraternity and sorority create a team together.

In order for your organization to become entered officially into the Greek Intramural Cup, your intramural chair or whomever is creating your team on IMleagues must be added to your Greek Intramural Cup group so that they can register.

Greek Organization will earn and lose points for participation, sportsmanship, and performance. The major sports that points will be awarded are 7v7 flag football, 5v5 basketball, indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, indoor volleyball, and softball/half-field softball.
*This is subject to change based on participation from Rowan Greek Organizations*

Some sports will have a separate leagues for Greek Organizations, while others will have mixed leagues. Points will be awarded whether there is a separate league for Greeks or not. First and second place points will be given for Greek leagues at the end of playoffs. For leagues that do not have a Greek only playoff, the organization that advances the furthest will be the Greek “champion”.

Point Breakdown:





1st Place Team

10 Points


2nd Place Team

5 Points


Normal Game: No complaints about officials’ calls.

15 Points



Some static: Some question of judgment or repeated complaints. No infractions issued.

10 Points



Difficulty: Repeated question of judgment. Unsportsmanlike call in softball, volleyball, flag football; a yellow card in soccer or a technical foul in basketball, failure to clean up trash on sidelines or in dugouts

0 Points



Harassment: Multiple unsportsmanlike calls, yellow cards, technical (not on the same participant) or spectators’ harassment of the officials.

-10 Points



Ejection: Any ejection, whatever the cause.

-20 Points



Fighting: Includes threatening an employee. If involved in a fight your team could be removed from the league for the remainder of the season.

-30 Points


Every Forfeit

-5 Points


1st Place

20 Points/10 Points


2nd Place

10 Points/ 5 Points


Per Team

5 Points