Paying for College

Paying for College

Paying for College

The Office of Financial Aid can help students reach their educational goals by offering various ways to pay for college. Students may be eligible for a variety of aid including student loans, federal grants, state grants, scholarships and work-study.

Completing a FAFSA application is required to determine eligibility for the various state and federal programs. Once a FAFSA is on file with our office, students will get notified of their award eligibility and be able to understand the various ways of covering the costs of attending college. 



There are several types of loans available to students and their families who need funding to pay for their college education. We encourage all students and families to consider which options meet their individual needs, however we recommend federal loan options are considered first since the typically have lower interest rates than other private/alternative loan products.


Grants are a form of financial aid that a student does not repay. By completing a FAFSA, a student is considered for the Pell grant. Residents of New Jersey may also qualify for the New Jersey Tuition Aid Grant (TAG)


Rowan University participates in the Department of Education's Federal Work Study Program (FWS). Students who wish to participate in this program must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at

This program provides jobs both on and off campus for students who indicate a desire to participate in the Work Study program on their FAFSA and show "financial need." Many student worker positions provide skills and experience which will assist students in their career development.


While the Office of Financial Aid does not directly offer/award any scholarships, our office is notified of Rowan scholarship recipients and is responsible for posting the funds to student accounts. The Financial Aid Office does not have discretionary funding to award students who request additional aid. If you are looking for scholarships, our website has resources which may be helpful in directing you to the correct department to provide you with more information.

Deferred Payment Plan

A deferred payment plan allows students to pay their total bill in installments. There is a small enrollment fee and interest is not charged on the balance.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans Benefits can be a significant help in paying for a college education. This type of aid is managed by the Veterans Affairs Office.