Repeated Coursework

Repeated Coursework

Repeating a Class

After a class has been passed and repeated one time, it is no longer "payable" by financial aid. This means that the credits are not counted when determining your enrollment status and financial aid eligibility for the semester; although you will be charged tuition/fees for that class.


If I repeat a class that is not "payable", what will it look like?

Scenario #1: Brenda is enrolled in 16 credits but one 3-credit course is not payable by aid. Brenda will still be considered full-time even after that course is excluded from her enrollment status because she will still have 13 financial aid credits making her full-time, she would not expect to see a change in her financial aid.

Scenario #2: Johnny registered for 6 credits (two 3-credit courses). He is taking a new pottery course on campus and trying to get a better grade in Calculus II (he got a D- last fall and only managed to get a D when he repeated it in the spring). Johnny notices that he only got a small portion of his Pell Grant and none of his student loans and wonders why. Since Johnny previously passed Calculus II (earned a D-) and repeated it one time (earned a D), the credits for that course no longer count toward his current financial aid enrollment for the term. For financial aid purposes, Johnny is only considered to be enrolled in 3 credits and was not eligible for his loans and only got a small amount of his Pell Grant.


  1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt Covered by financial aid? Why?
Example 1 F D- Enrolled Yes This is eligible for financial aid because it is the first repeat after receiving a passing grade of “D-” or better
Example 2 C+ Enrolled Yes These credits may be counted, even though it was previously passed, because it is the first time the class is being repeated.
Example 3 D- C+ Enrolled No This course was previously passed and this is the third attempt. Two attempts is the maximum attempts these credits can count towards financial aid eligibility because the course has been passed.
Example 4 D F Enrolled No The class credits are no longer considered for financial aid eligibility because it has been previously passed, and this is the second time it is being repeated.
Example 5 W F Enrolled Yes W's are excluded when counting the number of times a course has been repeated and this course has never been passed so it can still be counted towards financial aid eligible credits. 
Example 6 D Enrolled No W’s are excluded from when counting the number of times a course has been repeated only until the course is completed with a passing grade. Once a passing grade is earned, then only one additional attempt counts toward financial aid credits. 
Example 7 W Enrolled Yes W’s are excluded from counting as a repeated course. The course has never been passed and is eligible for aid.