Enrollment and Financial Aid

The number of credits you take each semester directly impacts your eligibility for the various federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs. There are times when the number of credits on your course schedule will not be reflected on your financial aid enrollment which can inadvertently reduce the types and amount of financial aid for which you qualify. 

At times you may look at your semester registration and notice that while it appears that you are registered full-time, you may not see the financial aid on your account that requires full-time enrollment (ie. TAG, Garden State Guarantee/Rowan Opportunity, scholarships, etc.).

There are three main reasons for this discrepancy:

  1. Course Program of Study (CPoS)
  2. Repeated coursework
  3. Attendance Verification

Please Note: Financial aid awards may not immediately reflect your financial aid enrollment. Please be certain you are registered in sufficient credits that are required for your program to receive all forms of aid available to you, as described below.