Enrollment and Financial AId

The number of credits you take each semester directly impacts your eligibility for the various federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs. To adhere to the US Department of Education's policy which only allows schools to process financial aid for courses that are required to complete your degree program, the University has implemented a process called Course Program of Study (CPoS).

When determining your enrollment level (full-time, part-time, etc.) for financial aid purposes, only courses that are required for your degree will be counted when determining the types of aid programs for which you are eligible.

Please Note: Financial aid awards may not immediately reflect your financial aid enrollment. If you are registered for courses that 

Determining Your Financial Aid Enrollment

Example Schedule  Required for Program? Number of Credits Impact on Financial Aid with CPoS
English  Yes 3 In this example, you would not be considered full-time and would not be eligible for types of financial aid that require full-time enrollment (see chart below).


Math  Yes 3
Chemistry  Yes 3
Underwater Basket Weaving No 3

   9 Credits  (NOT full-time)


Enrollment Requirements for Various Types of Aid Programs

  Full-time Half-time Less than Half-time
Federal Direct Loans Yes Yes No
PLUS Loans Yes Yes No
Pell Grant* Yes Yes, prorated Yes, prorated
New Jersey Aid* (TAG, EOF, NJSTARSII) Yes No No
Rowan Scholars Scholarship* Yes No No
Rowan Opportunity Program/Garden State Guarantee* Yes No No

*Indicates aid that is only available to undergraduate students.


Enrollment Definitions

  Full-time Half-time Less than Half-time
Undergraduate  12+ credits 6 credits less than 6 credits
Graduate  9+ credits 4.5 credits less than 4.5 credits


Note: the above enrollment requirements pertain to individual Summer Session Enrollment as well.