Enrollment and Financial AId

Student enrollment plays a key role when determining eligibility for the various financial aid programs. 

In order to be eligible for most aid programs, students must be enrolled at least half-time, though there are a few programs that are available to students who are below half-time enrollment.

General Enrollment Requirements for Various Types of Aid Programs

  Full Time Half Time Less than Half Time
Federal Direct Loans  Yes Yes No
PLUS Loans  Yes Yes No
Pell Grant* Yes Yes, at a reduced amount Yes, at a reduced amount
New Jersey Aid* (TAG, EOF, NJSTARSII)  Yes No No
Rowan Scholars Scholarship Yes No No

*The Pell Grant and Tuition Aid Grant is only available to eligible undergraduate students.


Enrollment Definitions

  Full Time Half Time Less than Half Time
Undergraduate  12+ credits 6 credits less than 6 credits
Graduate  9+ credits 4.5 credits less than 4.5 credits


Note: the above enrollment requirements pertain to individual Summer Session Enrollment as well.