Attendance Verification

Attendance Verification

Attendance Verification

At the beginning of each semester before financial aid is disbursed, the University must be able to document that you have begun attendance in your courses.

During the first two weeks of class, professors will be asked to electronically report if you attended your courses. If you are not reported as attending your courses, your financial aid may need to be adjusted before we disburse your funds.

If your attendance is not verified in one or more of your courses, you will receive an email from our office. At times students who are attending their courses may receive this email and subsequently have their financial aid package reduced. This can be for any of the following reasons:

  1. You did not attend a class meeting.
  2. Your professor did not submit their attendance verification yet. 
  3. You added the course/started attending the course after your professor submitted their attendance verification.
  4. Your class is online and you did not complete an "academic event" such as posting on a discussion thread or submitting an assignment. Logging into an online course does not count solely for attendance. 

How to Fix Attendance Verification

Please understand that the Office of Financial Aid is not able to update your course attendance. Please follow the steps below to have your attendance verified:

  1. Contact your professor to notify them your attendance in their course has not been verified. 
  2. Your professor will verify your attendance in the University systems.
  3. Your financial aid will be automatically updated. There is no further action you need to take once your professor confirms your attendance.