Winter Aid

Winter Aid

Winter Aid Information

Financial Aid is not offered specifically for the winter session, however, winter session enrollment can be added to spring enrollment to determine federal and state grant eligibility. 

For example, if you are registered for 3 credits for the winter term and 9 credits for the spring term, grant eligibility for the combined enrollment period will be determined based on 12 credits. If you are already registered full-time for the spring semester you will not receive any additional grants. 

Similarly, federal student loans require you to be enrolled half-time. If you are enrolled in 3 credits for the winter session and 3 credits for the spring term, your loan eligibility for the combined period will be based on 6 credits.*

If you qualify for additional funds due to winter session enrollment, those funds will be disbursed with the scheduled spring semester disbursements 

*There is a limit to the amount of federal loans for which you can receive each academic year. You must have remaining loan eligibility for the academic year in order to be eligible for additional loan funds for the winter session.

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