Rowan Opportunity Program

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Rowan Opportunity Program

Rowan Opportunity Program

The Rowan Opportunity Program provides additional institutional funding to pay the gap between tuition & fees and any other grants or scholarships the student receives. For students whose family’s Adjusted Gross Income is between $0 and $65,000 annually, the net cost of tuition and mandatory student fees after all grants, scholarships, and ROP funding, will be $0. 

Where the eligible student’s family adjusted gross income is between $65,001 to $80,000, the net cost of tuition and mandatory student fees after all grants, scholarships, and ROP funding will be no more than $7,500 total for the fall and spring semesters. See the full eligibility criteria below.

There is no application required to be considered for this program. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must complete the FAFSA and meet all state deadlines to have state aid eligibility determined. Failure to complete your state aid process jeopardizes your eligibility for this program too. Check your state aid status online at HESAA.
  • Must be a New Jersey resident or eligible noncitizen.
  • Have a federal Adjusted Gross Income of $0 to $65,000 for free tuition, or $65,001-$80,000 for assistance lowering the cost for tuition to no more than $7,500. The Adjusted Gross Income figure is based on parent(s) AGI for dependent students or student/spouse income for independent students. The income-establishing eligibility will be based on the income reported on the FAFSA for the academic year in question.
  • Must enroll full-time (12 credits) and have not yet earned 60 credits, including all transfer credit hours.
  • Students must also submit any documentation required by the Rowan University Office of Financial Aid.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Full-time enrollment is required. Courses must be required by the student's declared degree program.
  • Funding is available for fall and spring semesters only.
  • There is no GPA requirement, but students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to receive the award.
  • Will be awarded as a "last dollar" to cover tuition and fees after all federal grants, state aid, and institutional funding, have been applied. This award cannot be used to create a refund/credit balance.
  • Program and/or course specific fees are excluded from the funding calculations, such as: the Engineering Differential Fee; the Nursing School Differential Fee; the Educational Field Experience Fee; Student Health Insurance; Graduation Fee; specific lab or studio course fees, and miscellaneous Bursar billing fees.

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