Continuing Students

Continuing Students

Foundation Scholarship Program

The University Scholarship Committee awards scholarships to Rowan University Students on the basis of academic excellence, financial need, and participation in on-campus and off-campus activities. 

In keeping with our mission to make a Rowan University education affordable and accessible, we are happy to share that our scholarship program will award more than $2 million in support this year. Scholarships are funded exclusively through private donations.

More than 200 scholarships are available, to students from all majors and backgrounds, and are awarded based on merit, financial need, participation in campus activities and community service. Various AFL-CIO union-affiliated scholarships are also available.

Students must be enrolled full-time during the current academic year, as well as the upcoming academic year for consideration.

Students interested in applying for the Rowan Foundation and Continuing Student Scholarship Program must complete the online application on the website found below. 

It is the student’s responsibility to see that the completed application and all requirements are complete by the stated deadline.