SAP Policy

SAP Policy

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Federal financial aid regulations require you to maintain at least a minimum cumulative GPA required for graduation and to progress at a pace so that you will earn your degree within the maximum timeframe allowed, as measured in credit hours. Rowan University’s Financial Aid SAP standards will help you achieve this goal.

You must maintain SAP to remain eligible for financial aid

To ensure financial aid recipients are making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), academic transcripts are reviewed at the end of each term to determine eligibility for the next term. All terms of attendance are reviewed, including periods in which the student did not receive financial aid. Each semester, your Rowan University academic record will be reviewed for the following three measures and you will be assigned a SAP Status.

GPA (Quantitative Progress)

Undergraduate students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 (a C average). Graduate students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0. 

Grades of A, B, C, D, and F affect your GPA (including +/- variations). Grades of W, WF, WP, I, U, P, or NP, and/or transfer credits do not affect your GPA.

PACE (Completion Rate)

Students must successfully complete a minimum of 67% of all coursework (registered credit hours) attempted at Rowan University.

Any course with a grade of withdrawal (W), Failure (F), incomplete (I), Not Reported (NR), or audit (AU) is not considered completed coursework. NC grades received during the following terms are excluded from this calculation as allowed under the federal flexibilities for COVID-19: Spring 2020 (202020) – Spring 2021 (202120).

A course is counted as completed only once, regardless of how many times attempted or the grade earned. Transfer credits are counted as both attempted and completed, thus increasing a student’s completion rate.

MAX (Maximum Time Frame)

Students must complete their program within 150% of the credit hours required to complete your degree program, including all transfer credits.

Students who have reached their maximum allowable credit hours will be suspended from receiving financial aid. Developmental or remedial hours are excluded from this calculation. The MTF calculation counts all attempted hours including repeated courses, ineligible courses and transfer hours accepted by Rowan University. This also includes hours taken under a previous major and hours for which a student did not receive financial aid.


Degree Credits Needed to Complete Degree Maximum Credits You May Attempt
Bachelor 120 180
Master 36 54
Doctoral 72 108 (including all graduate coursework)

This SAP policy applies to the academic programs administered by the Glassboro campus. The professional degree programs administered by the Camden, Stratford, or Sewell campuses have separate policies. Please visit the financial aid office at the appropriate campus for guidance.