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The following are links to some the most popular articles we have shared on Facebook. They have been organized into the following categories:

Preparing a Course ~  Designing a Syllabus  ~ Promoting Academic IntegrityBeginning the Semester ~ Holding Office HoursCommunicating in the Classroom ~ Using DiscussionsEngaging & Interactive Classrooms Using Group ActivitiesManaging Your Classroom ~ Conferencing using VideoKnowing Your Students ~ Assessing for Learning ~ Grading Strategies ~ Designing Grading Rubrics ~ Giving and Receiving Feedback ~ Getting Feedback on Your Teaching ~ Assessing Your TeachingEnding the Semester ~ Managing Time ~  Supporting Students 

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Preparing a Course

Designing a Syllabus

Promoting Academic Integrity

Professors have an important responsibility to build a culture of trust and honesty in the classroom to support academic integrity.  Learn what you need to know to create this environment, about violations, how to prevent violations, and what to do if you suspect a student of a violation. The articles and teaching tools on this page will help your students gain the skills they’ll need in school and in the workplace.

Beginning the Semester

Holding Office Hours

Communicating in the Classroom

Using Discussions

Engaging and Interactive Classrooms

Using Group Activities

Conferencing using Video

Knowing Your Students

Managing Your Classroom 

Assessing for Learning

Grading Strategies

Designing Grading Rubrics

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Getting Feedback on Your Teaching

Assessing Your Teaching

Ending the Semester

Managing Time 

Supporting Students 

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