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The following are links to some the most popular articles we have shared. They have been organized into the following categories:

Preparing a Course ~  Syllabus Design ~ Academic IntegrityBeginning the Semester ~ Office HoursClassroom Communication ~ Interactive Classrooms ~ Classroom Management ~ Know Your Students ~ AssessmentGrading Strategies ~ Designing Grading Rubrics ~ Feedback on Your Teaching ~ Assessing Your TeachingEnding the Semester ~ Time Management ~  Supporting Student Study Habits

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Preparing a Course

Syllabus Design

Academic Integrity

The classroom is the place to promote academic integrity and professors have an important responsibility. Learn what you need to know about violations and what to do if you suspect cheating. These teaching tools will help your students gain the skills they’ll need in school and in the workplace.

Beginning the Semester

Office Hours

Classroom Communication

Interactive Classrooms

Know Your Students

Classroom Management


Grading Strategies

Designing Grading Rubrics

Feedback on Your Teaching

Assessing Your Teaching

Ending the Semester

Time Management

Supporting Student Study Habits