Faculty Online Teaching Courses

Faculty Online Teaching Courses

Faculty Online Teaching Courses

Upcoming Session Dates:

Pilot for Advanced Online Teaching Techniques - May 24 to June 27*

OTB1 - July 5 to August 1, 2022

OTB2 - September 20 - October 17, 2022

OTB1 - November 1 - November 28, 2022


Rowan Online and the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning have taken the previous 8-week Faculty Online Teaching (FOT) course and divided it into two 4-week courses - Online Teaching Basics Part 1 (OTB1) and Part 2 (OTB2). The courses are 100% online in Canvas and give participants the experience of being an online student while exploring the pedagogy of online teaching using teaching tools available in Canvas. This is not self-paced, most of the courses are asynchronous with one group/partner assignment that has synchronous components (web based). On average, each course requires about 5 hours of work per week. (If you are a “newbie” to Canvas Part 1 will probably require more time in the beginning.) The work consists of readings, discussion posts and replies, journal reflections, individual assignments, group/partner work, presentations, and peer evaluations. The course follows the normal Rowan Online format with each week starting on Tuesday and ending on Monday. Each week covers two weeks of material. 

*Pilot for Advanced Online Teaching Techniques is a 5-week course that will examine online teaching techniques in more depth. It will be open to anyone who teaches online. This course is in the planning stages with more information available in Spring of 2022.

All who complete each course with a B or better will receive a Certificate of Completion from Rowan Online and the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.  

Previous participants have various levels of online experience, from no online experience to numerous years of experience. They range from adjunct to full-time faculty to professional staff. Everyone who has completed the course has been highly satisfied, and most applied what they were learning to both online, remote and face-to-face classes immediately. 

The Faculty Online Teaching courses are free for official Rowan University employees and Rowan College affiliate employees, including adjunct faculty and professional staff.  A deposit of $50 is required at the time of registration. The deposit may be paid by the enrollee or by any University department or division that is sponsoring the enrollee. The deposit is fully refunded to the payer upon the enrollee’s successful completion of the course. In the event that an enrollee does not complete the course, the deposit will not be refunded. At the discretion of the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and/or Rowan Online, the deposit may be refunded based on the presence of extenuating circumstances or it may be re-applied to a future enrollment. 

The fee for non-Rowan attendees is $250.  Please select the item for "non-Rowan attendees" if you are from an external institution or not an employee at one of our Community College affiliates.  This fee is non-refundable.  

List of Certificate Holders

For questions, or to learn more about the course, please contact Carla Sbrana (sbrana@rowan.edu) in the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. 


Online Teaching Basics - Part 1

This course will introduce online teaching to people who: 

  • Want to know about online teaching and learning
  • Have been asked to teach an online course
  • Want to improve their online and/or classroom teaching

Participants in Online Teaching Basics - Part 1 will be able to distinguish teaching formats and online roles, recognize the value of instructor presence, apply methods for increasing instructor presence, extend student discussions, distinguish best practices, develop and apply rubrics, and demonstrate good feedback techniques. See Generic Syllabus  for more information.

Online Teaching Basics - Part 2

(Prerequisite: Must complete Part 1, registration is monitored and you may be removed from the course if you don’t qualitfy.)

This course will assist those faculty who: 

  • Need to create a course
  • Update a course they have been teaching
  • Want to know more about online teaching and learning

Participants in Online Teaching Basics - Part 2 will be able to create learning outcomes, recognize active online learning, apply online lecture techniques, discuss copyright issues, develop course content, and examine the issues of accessibility, assessment, and evaluation. See Generic Syllabus for more information.

Updated 4/1/22