Benefits of Greek Life


Brotherhood and sisterhood are the bonds of unity and friendship that last a lifetime. These bonds are not only among members of each individual chapter, but amongst chapters around the nation, due to the history and the ideals that each chapter was founded upon. By becoming a member of the Greek community, you will meet people who will grow to become your closest friends; those who will cheer you on when you’re successful and who will support you when the going gets tough. Lifelong friendships and associations are made through active participation in a Greek organization.

These relationships are deeper than going to parties and more meaningful than wearing the same letters. They are about growth and development of individuals as they begin their lives at Rowan University. Each new member brings his or her own unique talents to the fraternity or sorority and is loved and respected for the way he or she is.


Greeks take academics very seriously at Rowan University. In fact, the Greek population consistently earns higher GPA's than independent students. Before you join a Greek letter organization, you must meet the minimum GPA requirements. Once you become a member many different programs have been put in place to support academic success. Upper-class members may assist new members in developing sound study habits through scholarship programs, individual help, incentive programs and study buddies. Additionally, numerous chapters on campus have study hours for their new and active members.

Social Opportunities

You will achieve the best college experience possible through the proper balancing of academics and social activities. Joining a fraternity or sorority will offer you the most extensive social outlets possible at Rowan University. Being Greek gives you the opportunity to meet new friends through participation in events like Homecoming, Date Nights, Formals, Theme Parties, Mixers, Greek Week and many other social activities. Fraternity men and sorority women pride themselves on the ability to help their fellow brothers and sisters develop socially and learn to have fun in a safe environment.


Joining a fraternity or sorority provides you with excellent leadership skills as these organizations are self-governing and rely on the talents of their members for success. Serving as on officer can teach you many skills such as time-management, budgeting, event-planning, marketing, and mentoring to name a few. Besides being leaders in their own organizations, Greeks lead many other clubs and organizations on campus and in the community.

Community Service

The Greek population is known for giving back to the school and neighboring communities. Each organization is required to complete 10 service projects per year, and most groups surpass that amount. These requirements are not a burden due to the satisfaction one gets when they have been completed. Some of the projects that Greeks have donated their time to are Relay for Life, Big Brother/Big Sister, The Salvation Army, local schools, hospitals, and churches.


Greek membership is not merely for your time at Rowan, but for a lifetime. Being a member of a Greek organization provides you with countless networking opportunities as alumni provide support through career mentoring and guidance. Since their experience with Greek life was so meaningful during college, many alumni are eager to give back.