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BSN Coursework

BS in Nursing Coursework

First Year

Fall Semester

Course # Course Name
COMP 01111 College Composition I
BIOL 10210 Anatomy and Physiology I
CHEM 05105 General, Organic and Biological Chemistry
PSY 01107 Essentials of Psychology
HIST 05120 World History Since 1500


Spring Semester (Apply to Diploma Phase)

Course # Course Name
COMP 01112 College Composition II
BIOL 10212 Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO XXXXX Clinical Microbiology
PSY 09218 Lifespan Development
STAT 02260 Statistics I 


Second Year

Fall Semester

Course # Course Name
NOLOL 110 Health Assessment
NOLOL 102 Nursing I: Foundations of Practice and Mental Health
SOC 08220 Sociology of the Family


Spring Semester

Course # Course Name
NOLOL 111 Nursing II: Health Promotion & Illness Management of the Childbearing Family & Adult with Chronic Illness
NURS 03300 Pathophysiology of Nursing
NURS 03309 Topics in Health Care Ethics


Summer Term

Course # Course Name
 NOLOL 202 Nursing III: Management of Acute & Chronic Health Issues Across the Lifespan

Third Year

Fall Semester

Course # Course Name
NOLOL 211 Nursing IV: Management of Individuals & Groups with Complex Health Issues
NOLOL 235 Transition to Practice

CMS 04205

CMS 04206

Public Speaking ~OR~

Digital Presentations


Spring Semester

Course # Course Name
ENG 02123 Topics in Literature (suggested course)
ANTHRO 02225 Art and Medicine (suggested course)
NURS 03400 Holistic Nursing Philosophy and Ethics
NURS 03409 Holistic Healing Therapy and Cultural Diversity


Fourth Year

Fall Semester

Course # Course Name
NURS 03.303 Comprehensive Health Assessment

NURS 03308

NURS 05505

Pharmacology of Nursing ~OR~

Advanced Pharmacology

NURS 03403 Nursing Care Delivery Systems
NURS 03304 Nursing Informatics


Spring Semester

Course # Course Name
NURS 03401 Community Health Nursing (including clinical)
NURS 03404 Research Applications in Nursing
NURS 03405 Health Care Policy and Finance
NURS 034XX Professional Development