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Adventure Education Leadership

Adventure Education Leadership Certificate of Undergraduate Study

The CUGS in Adventure Leadership prepares students for entry level positions in the adventure education field, or diversifies their ability to lead activities requiring group cohesiveness in the adventure field. The program is a combination of theory, philosophy and experiential learning. The coursework emphasizes the incorporation of physical safety, respectful environment and emotional well-being for the future leaders as well as their clientele.

What can the Adventure Education Leadership CUGS do for you?

  • Entry level positions within the adventure education field
    • Summer Camps
    • Community organizations, like the YMCA
  • Diversify ability to lead activities requiring group cohesivenessBenefit to some HPWM majors
    • Good addition for HPE
    • Aerial courses
    • Rock gyms
    • Leading groups where Wilderness First Responder is needed
    • Way to explore this field prior to graduate school

To learn more about the program from a student's perspective, check out this Whit Online Article!

Program Coordinator

Shari Willis, PhD
856-256-4500, ext 53702 


Semester Core Courses Credits
Semester 1

HES 000109 Adventure and Experiential Learning

Semester 2

HES00209 Adventure Processing and Facilitation
Prerequisite: HES 00109 Adventure and Experiential Learning

Semester 3

HES 00309 Wilderness First Responder
Prerequisite: HES 00109 Adventure and Experiential Learning

Semester 4

HES 00409 Aventure Programming
HES 00109 Adventure and Experiential Learning,
HES 00209 Adventure Processing and Facilitation
HES 00309  Wilderness First Responder

  Total 12













Please contact the Department of Health & Exercise Science Academic Advisors for more information.