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Minor in Public Health and Wellness

Many professions in the health arena draw from practices learned from community health and public health. From prevention of chronic diseases to promotion of positive health behaviors, the Public Health and Wellness Minor examines the issues facing communities today. The mission of Public Health and Wellness, at its core, is to improve the health of the individual and the community at large.

This minor is a good complement to many majors including Health and Science Communication, Nutrition, Exercise Science, Disaster Science and Emergency Management and those seeking to further their education in the healthcare fields.

The program entails two required foundational classes followed by four elective courses. The elective courses allow students to emphasize in an area that will support their intended career path.

Program Information

Laurie Dwyer, Advisor for Public Health and Wellness 
Please call 856-256-4785 to make an appointment 

Shari Willis, PhD, Program Coordinator
Public Health and Wellness, Adventure Education Leadership CUGS, Driver Education Endorsement
856-256-4500, ext. 63702

Semester  Required Courses S.H.
Semester 1 Fall Community and Public Health HLT 00200 3
Semester 1 Fall US Health Care Systems HLT 00245 3
Path 1
Choose 4
Intended for individuals who desire public health practice S.H.
HLT 00303 or
SOC 08340
Environmental Issues and Health (pre req HLT00200) or Environmental, Policy and Society 3
HPW 00350 Health Behavior Theory and Counseling (pre req HLT00200, NUT00230, HPW00210 or HES00105) 3
HPW 00340 Program Planning and Leadership (pre req HPW00350) 3
HPW 00415 Public Health Methods and Interventions (pre req HPW00340 and HPW00350) 3
Path 2
Choose 4
Intended for individuals desiring to work in hospitals or healthcare facilities S.H.
HLT 00345 US Health Care Policy, Ethics and Advocacy (pre req HLT00245) 3
HLT 00348 Public Health Epidemiology 3
HLT 00302 or 
ANTH 02215
Global Health (pre req HLT00200) or Medical Anthropology 3
HLT 00301 Health and Diverse Populations (pre req HLT00200) 3

Please contact the Department of Health and Exercise Science Academic Advisor specializing in Public Health and Wellness for more details.

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