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Internship Information


Dr. Robert Weaver
Internship Coordinator
856-256-4500, ext. 3765


Internship FAQ

Students are encouraged to carefully select a site based on their interests, needs and future goals. Since there are many options available, the student should consider what he/she wants to gain from the experience prior to choosing a site. Students may choose a local or distant site in another state or country. Corporate, clinical rehabilitation, hospital, community or public health sites are all acceptable if they meet the basic guidelines discussed in the next section. Check with the field experience coordinator for a list and or file of approved sites. New sites may be approved after a review by the field experience coordinator. If you are interested in a new location discuss the possibility with Dr. Weaver.

  • The Site Supervisor must hold a bachelor's degree in a health related field and carry appropriate professional credentials.
  • The site must be an established, professional organization and provide a variety of relevant experiences for the student.
  • The Site Supervisor must agree to mentor the student on a daily basis, provide an opportunity for the student to design a major project and complete two formal evaluations with the student.
  • The site administrators must agree to comply with the specifications of the contract supplied by Rowan University, unless a special contract is provided and approved by Rowan.

It is recommended that the student begin exploring potential sites and attend a field placement informational meeting one year prior to the anticipated start date.

You should begin by attending an informational meeting and receive the Field Placement Handbook to learn the specific requirements. It is strongly recommended that you meet with Dr. Weaver to discuss your plans and interests and make sure your site is approved. See the Field Placement Handbook for due dates of the contract, and other required forms.

It is your responsibility to maintain communication with the internship coordinator throughout your field experience and until you have completed your 400 hours of experience and your portfolio has been turned in. Your field experience handbook provides more detail on the specific requirements of the student. YOU are the communication link between your site and Rowan.