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About HES

Department of Health and Exercise Science

The Department of Health and Exercise Science prides ourselves on our relationships with our students. We treat them as though they are family, in that we care about their needs both in and out of the classroom. We listen to our students, and continually strive to make program improvements based on their feedback and other evidence based outcomes. We want our students not just to do well, but to excel. You will find our academic programs are challenging, rigorous, relevant and well respected in the professional community.

HES Faculty

The Department of HES maintains a diverse faculty that is very student centered. Every member of our department strives to remain on the cutting edge best practices by being active within their various Professions. Many of our faculty have served as leaders within state, regional and national professional associations which enables them to assist students in leadership and networking opportunities. The DHES faculty have published many scholarly and research articles, with their productivity continuing to increase annually. Our faculty members also present their work at workshops and conferences at local, state, regional, national, and international venues. These research projects give students the opportunity to participate in research projects for which they can also seek their own publications. However, our first and foremost passion is preparing students to: become highly competent professionals, develop leadership skills and pursue a level of excellence that is nationally competitive within the respective professions students choose to enter.

The Department of Health and Exercise Science provides a rigorous and enlightening intellectual environment for the professional development, achievement, and distinction of leaders in Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Nutrition & Dietetics, Public Health & Wellness, Health Promotion Wellness Management, Health Studies, and Fitness Management. The Department offers a liberal education as a core in concert with a challenging sequence of discipline specific courses to a diverse community of learners. Through our course offerings, the department will continue to foster the development of a campus culture of civic responsibility, multicultural understanding, and technological advancement. The Department of Health and Exercise Science faculty are considered the pivotal element in realizing the departmental mission and goals. We strongly believe all faculty should be encouraged and assisted in the development of their professional careers. This professional development should mirror the promotion standards described below as well as the University Agreement, and in so doing will allow our department as well as individual faculty to become members of Rowan University distinguished community of scholars.

To immerse students in experiences that forge knowledge, create discipline and foster responsibility as reflected in the goals described below.

  1. To educate and place Athletic Trainers in positions that will utilize their superior skills in the prevention and treatment of injuries for the physically active.
  2. To develop and train Clinical Exercise Physiologists using evidence based research to provide personalized exercise programs for careers in the health care industry as well as strength and conditioning.
  3. To develop Dietians and nutritionalists that can optimally promote modifications in the diet of patients, clients, and athletes to achieve health and performance goals. 
  4. To develop outstanding Public Health & Wellness managers who upon entering the field will provide leadership in community health, hospital, and corporate settings that will elevate, maintain and protect the health of the community.
  5. To develop a community of learners within the department that value a rigorous education and ultimately graduate with pride and respect for the department and Rowan University.
  6. To foster a climate of research and scholarship within the department that encourages and recruits student input and involvement.
  7. To develop an atmosphere in which faculty and students seek out means for both community and campus wide involvement and service.
  8. To provide student mentoring in conjunction with developmental advisement that assists students in accomplishing their academic and career goals.
  9. To encourage all departmental faculty to develop, implement and evaluate their own Professional Development Plan.