Rowan Identity Management System

Rowan Identity Management System

Rowan Identity Management System (RIMS)

The Rowan Identity Management System (RIMS) is a web-based application designed to collect hierarchical data from the top down and facilitates management by clarifying relationships, defining roles, levels of authority, and supervisory or reporting lines. Supervisors will be responsible to collect update and maintain their employee data in RIMS for efficient and accurate organization and reporting.

RIMS benefits:

  • University departments can easily create accurate electronic organizational charts eliminating the need for manually created charts that constantly need updating
  • Employees will be granted timely access to crucial campus services such as wireless network, door access, email, library, Blackboard, Banner, etc.
  • Information pulled from RIMS will provide up-to-date information for the Rowan online directory.

RIMS Policy and Procedures-updated 6-15-2018

Local Job Titles-updated 6-15-2018

Application Access:

To log on the RIMS application, visit

Training and Support:

    • Please contact the Technology Support Center at for additional assistance.