Vision Care Reimbursement Program

Vision Care Reimbursement Program

Vision Care Reimbursement Program

Vision care reimbursement is offered as a state benefit. Claims can be made for eye exams, single vision and contact lenses and bi/trifocal lenses (frames are not included). Although this program is a state benefit, its terms are based on union negotiations. Employees and their dependents are eligible for one eye exam claim and one lens claim per contract term. If you have any questions concerning the vision care reimbursement plan, you can contact the Office of Human Resources at x64134. The vision care reimbursement form can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

**In order to receive reimbursement, the application must be submitted within the current contract period. We do not reimburse for expenses incurred that are not within the current 24 month contract period.

Unfortunately, at this time RowanSOM is excluded from this benefit.

CWA Employees ONLY:

The current contract period: 
July 2023 to June 2027

Eye Exam Up and Co-Pay up to $45.00
Single vision/Contact Lenses Up to $80.00
Bi/Trifocals- Up to $90.00


Vision Care Reimbursement Form