Hiring Part Time

Hiring Part Time

Hiring Part Time Temporary Hourly Employees(Glassboro and Camden Campuses Only)

The Part Time Temporary Hourly Request Form should be used to hire a NON-STUDENT temporary, part-time employee.

Effective April 24, 2019, the Office of Human Resources has begun the process of moving hourly employment transactions to an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF). For any new hourly assignments or hourly assignment changes that are effective before June 30, 2019, you may either complete the existing paper Part-Time Temporary Hourly Request Form or initiate the transaction via the EPAF. For any hourly assignments, assignment extensions, or hourly assignment changes that are effective on or after July 1, 2019, you must initiate the transaction via EPAF.
In an effort to reduce paper forms and automate the processing for hourly assignments, the Office of Human Resources has developed a Part-Time Temporary Hourly Request EPAF process through BANNER Self-Service. Instead of completing the paper Part-Time Temporary Hourly Request Form, those who are responsible for the hiring and processing of hourly workers will enter the information directly into BANNER Self-Service. The Office of Human Resources will continue to audit the assignments and maintain final approval of the assignments. New hire paperwork and background checks will continue to be collected and submitted outside of the EPAF system.
It is encouraged that all departmental personnel who currently process hourly workers, as well as those who may be a proxy, to review the training materials provided on this page.

Before an hourly employee can start, the following is required:

  • The Hourly Request Form or EPAF must be completed and approved by the Division Head and Budget or Office of Sponsored Programs as applicable.
  • New Hires must complete an hourly new hire packet, submit proof of social security number, and two approved forms of identification to complete the I9 form
  • Employee must successfully complete a background check prior to hire

Hourly Epaf Training Documents:

Identifying Candidates for Hire

The Office of Human Resources can help identify candidates in the following two ways:
  • Referring candidates from a pool of individuals interested in temporary, part time positions
  • Posting or advertising the vacancy for the department

The Part-Time Temporary Hourly Employee Request electronic form must be in Human Resources’ approval queue prior to posting or referring candidates.

Hour Limitations
The purpose of an hourly employee is to fill a temporary need in a department. Hourly employees are limited to no more than 25 hours a week and/or 944 hours per fiscal year. If you feel that your need is ongoing, it may need to be addressed through hiring a part-time permanent or full-time permanent employee. This request would be evaluated during the budgeting process.

Hourly Rate Schedule
*Effective 07/01/2019 University minimum wage is $10.00/hour

Assignment Type

Performing Arts

$10 - 17 / hour
$10 - 25 / hour
$10 - 15 / hour
$15 - 30 / hour
$10 - 17 / hour
$12 - 17 / hour
$10 - 17 / hour

Hourly employees are considered "at-will" employees, and are only paid for the hours worked. Please note that hourly employees may receive leave time in accordance with New Jersey’s Earned Sick Leave Law. Provisions contained in the CWA, IFPTE and AFT collective bargaining agreements do not cover hourly employees.

*Employees CANNOT begin work until all necessary forms, documentation, and back ground clearance have been received by Human Resources.

Part Time Hourly Employee FAQ

Additional Part-Time Hourly Information for FY20

If you have any further questions or need clarification on the process, please contact the Mary Schultes at extension 65249.

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