Leadership Development Institute

Leadership Development Institute

Eligibility: New to Mid-Level Management Employees

Summary: The LDI is an exceptional professional development opportunity for aspirational, high achieving Rowan University employees who are seeking to enhance their leadership skill set, as well as collaborate and network with other similar minded individuals.  This transformational  program includes pre-reading assignments, a series of training classes facilitated by subject matter experts, pre and post assessments, and project work.  The program’s focus is to position future University leaders for success and  become an extraordinary career advancement and succession planning tool for Rowan University. 

Nomination Process: A member of the Management Team nominates an employee in their department or division to be in the program by completing the nomination form and submitting it to HR; some of the nominated individuals are selected to be in the program, while others may be considered for a future cohort.

Time Frame: The due date for nominations is August 31, 2022. The program will begin in October each year and run through May-June.




The Leadership Development Institute would not be possible without the members of the Faculty and Administration who facilitate all of the classes. Their subject matter expertise is essential to the success of the program. The diversity of facilitators and topics results in a thorough and well balanced learning experience for our participants.


  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence  

  • Project Management 101 

  • Scope, Scale & Success: Discovering, Developing, Designing & Implementing an Original Project 

  • Essential Qualities of Leadership – Part I (Principles of Leadership, Delegation, Coaching, Handling Difficult Conversations, Delivering and Receiving Feedback, and On the Job Training Techniques) 

  • Essential Qualities of Leadership – Part II  (Culture of Respect, Motivation, Recognition, Engagement, Accountability, and Setting Performance Expectations) 

  • Conflict Resolution Strategies 
  • Multi-Generational Diversity and Social Media 

  • The Role of Strategic Planning in Change Management
  • Leading with Purpose, Passion, & Inclusivity
  • Essential Presentation Skills for Leaders

Project Work

  • Enrollees will design, plan, and complete a project for their department/division that has been approved for this program by their manager and HR.  The project should either be focused on saving money for their department/Rowan (Budget-oriented), improving student or patient experience, streamlining a process through change (Operational Efficiency; Ex. An organized tracking model for delegation tracking or Creating a Procedure Manual), or building employee engagement (Ex. A recognition program within their own department)
  • Facilitate a presentation on the project summary/plan
  • Project Consultation Meeting
  • Project Presentations



  • Career Advancement Preparation
  • Professional Development – the skills learned in the program will help participants to grow professionally and be a stronger leader for the University
  • Collaboration/Network Growth – the graduate will learn more about other areas of the University due to the cross-section of the employees in the program; will build a network of peers to collaborate with for future initiatives
  • Project Work - the selected projects benefit multiple departments across all of Rowan and the participants are given the opportunity to significantly develop their project management skills.
  • The University is recognizing and acknowledging strong talent


"The LDI program put together a series of modules on topics that managers routinely face – project management, conflict resolution, strategies for affecting change, and leading with emotional intelligence, among many others. Each module was very interactive, with the facilitators engaging the participants in various “what-if” or “what would you do if…”  scenarios that I found extremely beneficial." -Robi Polikar

"The LDI was an excellent opportunity to build practical leadership skills as well as connect with peers across the University. The program has motivated me to become a better manager – one who can bring out the best in my team members, regardless of the challenges. I’m so grateful to Rowan for allowing me to participate in this meaningful course!" - Sharon Clark


 LDI Graduation Ceremony

  • The University recently held a graduation ceremony for the inaugural cohort of the Leadership Development Institute. The event was a celebration of all of the hard work and dedication exhibited by this exceptional group. Chief Human Resources Officer/Vice President of Human Resources, Terri Drye provided a welcome and introduction, followed by an inspirational message from Rowan University President, Dr. Ali Houshmand. Director of Training & Development in HR, Jeremy Trowsdale provided an overview of the program, as well as a summary of each individual graduate and their respective project work for this program. Congratulations!!

 LDI group pic

LDI Graduates pictured left to right: Paula Watkins, Subash Jonnalagadda, Linda DiGennaro, Robi Polikar, David Naphy, Sharon Clark, Dawn Singleton and James Bailey. Not pictured: Erin Bisceglia and Amy Hoch.