PROFessionals of the Month

PROFessionals of the Month

PROFessionals of the Month

The focus of the PROFessionals of the Month program is to recognize, on a monthly basis, exemplary Rowan employees as nominated by fellow members of the University community.

The program is for faculty, staff, or employee groups at any level across all University campuses. The monthly recipient(s), chosen by the Employee Recognition Committee, will receive a special visit by the committee’s Prof Patrol, a group of professionals dedicated to recognizing—and celebrating—outstanding work by Rowan employees.

Nominations can be submitted for individual employees, work groups or project teams. The ideal candidate will have played a major role in a recent, exceptional accomplishment, preferably in the month they have been nominated for (Examples: Completion of a high impact task or project, successful organization of an event, receipt of an award for an outstanding accomplishment, etc.).  

To nominate faculty, staff, or a team of professionals for the PROFessional(s) of the Month, fill out the PROF of the Month Nomination Form by the end of the calendar month to explain why your nominee(s) should be recognized. Feel free to resubmit nominations that were previously submitted!

Which Rowan professional or team of professionals has gone above and beyond the call of duty in serving the University community? Who in the past month exhibited terrific student engagement, customer service, and teamwork, exemplifying all that is terrific about Rowan professionals?  

In short, who should be Rowan’s PROFessional(s) of the Month?



December 2023

Maria Lepore-Stevens, Shari Willis, Andrew Havrisko, and Taylor Mullens


From left to right: Shari Willis, Maria Lepore-Stevens, Taylor Mullens, and Andrew Havrisko

Congratulations Maria Lepore-Stevens, Shari Willis, Andrew Havrisko, and Taylor Mullens on being selected as the December PROFessionals of the Month!

Maria Lepore-Stevens (College of Education) collaborated with Shari Willis (Department of Health & Exercise Science), Andrew Havrisko (Campus Recreation), and Taylor Mullens (Campus Recreation) to use the Rowan Recreation Center pool on November 10, 2023 to have visually impaired youth from Camp Abilities participate in recreational activities. Their pioneering efforts demonstrate the priority Rowan University places on bringing inclusive sports education to area youth.

Maria and Shari work together to continually advocate for accessibility and inclusion through recreation for area youth. The value they bring to this community supports this population’s health and well-being, but also brings joy to their families knowing that individuals are advocating on their behalf. Although the event collaboration included several important planning logistics including facility access, risk management, equipment reservation, and student staffing, the positive outcomes were worth the time and effort. 

Maria worked with Taylor and Andrew to host this space in the Student Recreation Center Pool. This event brought awareness and advocacy not only to the academic students that participated, but also to the campus recreation aquatics staff that supported and witnessed the event. The Campus Recreation department values words in the mission statement that emphasizes "a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment".

For their profound service to students and the community, we honor Maria Lepore-Stevens, Shari Willis, Andrew Havrisko, and Taylor Mullens as the December PROFessionals of the Month.

October 2023

Amy Hoch, Wellness Center  


Congratulations Amy Hoch on being selected as the October PROFessional of the Month!

Amy Hoch proudly supports the Rowan community in her role as the Associate Director of the Wellness Center. 

Amy has great relationships with each of her team members and invites feedback regularly. Amy often sends personalized emails to her team and holds space for her team to share concerns when the need arises. She does not try to strictly solve problems, but aims to understand problems and validate her team.

She is the first to volunteer to engage in outreach events. Amy participated in the 26.6 mile Running of the Torch, as part of the University’s Centennial Homecoming celebration. Amy took the second leg of the run through Camden and Collingswood, navigating the busiest intersection of the day at the White Horse Pike and Haddon Avenue in Collingswood.

That same day, after finishing the torch run, Amy represented the Wellness Center at their Homecoming tailgate tent.

Dr. Amy Hoch brilliantly works to make the Wellness Center and Rowan a better place for our students, faculty, and staff. Amy and Wellness Center Director Scott Woodside saw the need to raise the spirits of staff during a particularly challenging year. They started a tradition of dressing up in themed costumes at their end of year party to help their staff share joy and relieve stress. This year, Amy and Scott dressed up as Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to encourage staff to “shake it off” and enjoy the break. The staff thoroughly enjoyed their spirited efforts.

For her profound service with a smile and pride, we honor Amy Hoch as the October PROFessional of the month.

September 2023

Jim Beury and Will Hamre, University Scheduling


Congratulations to Jim Beury and Will Hamre for being selected as the September PROFessionals of the Month!

Will Hamre and Jim Beury are being recognized for their work in Academic Scheduling, helping departments and colleges plan their semester schedules.

Will and Jim often handle inevitable last-minute changes and time-sensitive issues. They are excellent problem solvers, remarkably quick in responding to requests for help. They always remain calm and professional.

In late August, their problem-solving skills were put to the test with the sudden, temporary closure of Robinson Hall. Many classes needed relocation just as the semester began. Will and Jim managed to find workable alternative spaces for classes, sometimes arranging swaps with other departments.

Will and Jim found creative solutions just in time for the start of the semester.

For their profound service under pressure, we honor Will Hamre and Jim Beury as the September PROFessionals of the Month.

August 2023

Andrew Perrone, Assistant Director, Office of Volunteerism and Community Engagement


Congratulations to Andrew Perrone for being selected as the August PROFessional of the Month!

Andrew Perrone proudly serves the university community, growing multiple programs and resources to support student success.

Andrew is passionate about supporting students in reaching their academic and community engagement goals. In addition to leading volunteerism and community engagement programs, his department also supports The SHOP Pantry & Resource Center as well as Rowan Shuttle Services.

Andrew procured several grants for the university. Most recently, he acquired a sizable grant from the NJ Hunger-Free Campus Initiative. The grants will expand the Glassboro campus food pantry and develop a second location on the Camden campus. The grand opening for The Shop at Camden will be in December 2023.

In addition to his role, Andrew wears many hats on campus including classroom lecturer, facilitator for the Fresh For All food giveaway, and co-chair of the Affordability Task Force. He administers the Donated Meals program for students from Gourmet Dining, approves service hours for students in Proflink, and runs events like Back to the Boro and the Thanksgiving Adopt-a-Family. 

Many faculty and staff look to him for information on resources and who they should connect with in the university community.

Andrew’s colleagues consider him an exceptional example of what it means to be an outstanding professional and an employee that improves the culture of our campus.

For his profound service to students, colleagues, and the university, we honor Andrew Perrone as the August PROFessional of the Month.

July 2023

Suzanne Mosko, Assistant Director, CMSRU Office of Student Affairs


Congratulations to Suzanne Mosko for being selected as the July PROFessional of the Month!

Suzanne is recognized for exceeding expectations in her work with CMSRU students. Suzanne individually meets with over 150 students during their dedicated study period in May. Suzanne sets the bar high when it comes to student engagement and maintains a high level of customer service with each student. Proactively encouraging students, Suzanne consistently goes above and beyond to make sure each student is properly supported and heard. Her commitment to service is evident in the student submitted nomination, including four testaments (see below).

Suzanne’s genuine commitment to student success is evident in the student submitted nomination, including four testaments. She is a prime example of a dedicated staff member, immensely appreciated in her community and beyond.

Suzanne has been one of the most important resources during my time at CMSRU. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and provided me with study tips and strategies that I could have never found from online or textbook medical school resources, but she is so nonjudgmental, kind and makes me smile every time that I meet with her. She has helped me more than she could ever know, and I will continue to always recommend my fellow students to see her whenever they are looking for learning support and advice. She has truly made a huge impact on my success as a medical student and as a future doctor.” - Joely Z.

Suzanne and I have met regularly since my M1 year because I wanted to be sure I was doing all I could to be successful in our curriculum. She’s been an amazing part of my support network here at CMSRU, especially in more challenging blocks and throughout my time studying for STEP 1. She’s gone over and beyond to make herself accessible to not just me, but every student who needs her assistance — which is no easy feat, especially in the most stressful of times with boards upon us. Suzanne is so easy to talk to and level with, whether it be about making decisions related to when to take some of the most important exams in our academic careers, or after the good or tougher days of studying. Every time I’ve spoken with her, I’ve always felt heard, and she’s always found a way to help ensure my success and put my mind at ease in a way that was deeply personal and unique to me and my situation. She always knows what is going on with us and will always take the extra time to check in and make sure we’re doing well in academics and outside the classroom. It’s evident how much she cares for us and wants to get to know the people and physicians we wish to become through the follow up that she has with everyone that she sees. Without a doubt, she is one of my most trusted academic advisors. I really appreciate all that Suzanne has done for me over the past two years here at CMSRU, and I believe she’s very deserving of the Prof of the Month award for her dedication to our class and everyone here at CMSRU. I know for me, over the next two years, Suzanne will continue to be someone that I visit regularly and rely on as a phenomenal academic advisor to help direct my learning in this new chapter of my medical education. Thank you so much for all that you do Suzanne!” - Mitchell M.

Suzanne is genuinely interested in the success of each individual student at CMSRU. She understands the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in supporting students by working closely with Student Support Services as well. Suzanne strives to go above and beyond in her role as a Learning Support Specialist by constantly researching new educational methods in addition to adapting methods from her previous experiences to better help her students. She is not satisfied until her students have discovered their optimal study method passing on her love for education and learning to every student that she helps at CMSRU.” - Xavier R.

Suzanne always goes above and beyond for her students to provide them the best advice for each individual and to make sure that they feel fully supported and confident in themselves. I wouldn’t have passed STEP1 without her!” - Alexandria N.

Suzanne, for your outstanding dedication to Rowan students, colleagues, and the university, we honor you as the July PROFessional of the Month! Excellent work!

June 2023

Marisa Watanabe, Lecturer, Art Department


Congratulations to Marisa Watanabe for being selected as the June PROFessional of the Month!

Marisa is being recognized for her crucial role in helping organize the Society for Animation Studies 34th Annual Conference, hosted at Rowan University June 12-16, 2023. Marisa helped plan, design and disseminate the promotional materials. Marisa went above and beyond to actively support the conference. 

Exceeding the department goal to feature student work during the conference, Marisa worked diligently with faculty and staff to showcase animations made by Rowan students. This specific accomplishment is only one highlight of her contributions to our community collaborating with many entities on campus this month.

Marisa’s professionalism as a colleague and her amazing design sense directly contributed to conference’s success. Marisa is an example of a dedicated lecturer enthusiastically supporting her community and beyond.

Marisa, for your outstanding professionalism and dedication to your colleagues, students, and the university, we honor you as the June PROFessional of the Month! Excellent work!

May 2023

Chad Lafferty (IRT – Technology Services)


Congratulations to Chad Lafferty on being selected as the May PROFessional of the Month!

Chad is being recognized for not only his work in providing support for Commencement but going above and beyond to ensure the technology for all 14 ceremonies ran smoothly. Chad arrived early to each ceremony to make sure that every graduate had their name entered into the system so they would see their name as they walked across the stage. Although the software for the ceremony arrived late Thursday, Chad was still able to install it, configure it, and get it up and running in under 24 hours so that it was ready for Saturday's ceremony. Chad’s dedication and adaptability are impressive, to say the least.

Outside of commencement, Chad is often the go-to person on main campus for providing in-person technology support. Chad and his team are considered the face of IRT; If something needs to be fixed in person, it is either Chad or his team who handle it. It is a huge responsibility, one that Chad consistently exceeds expectations on.

Chad, for your outstanding service and exceptional efforts for the university as a whole, we honor you as the May PROFessional of the Month. Excellent work!

April 2023

Angela Evans (Problem-Based Learning, Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine, Sewell Campus)


Congratulations to Angela Evans for being selected as the April PROFessional of the Month!

Angela is being recognized for her work to provide incoming Rowan-Virtua SOM applicants with exposure to the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) program. Angela originated an evening student-to-student question and answer program, which she attended repeatedly, so applicants could learn more about Rowan-Virtua SOM programs. She has assisted in the coordination of PBL student shadowing for applicants and coordinated admission events on weekends several times each year, in addition to orientation, residency match and graduation. She supports students every step of the way in their journey at SOM. 

Angela has also been filling in for 2 other staff members in the department who are out on a leave of absence. All of this is in addition to managing the PBL block courses and her usual position responsibilities. Angela continuously looks for ways to expand her role.  She actively seeks out new responsibilities and ways to make improvements, eagerly assists others in their tasks, and does not look for rewards or recognition. Angela has excellent insight into student needs and is an amazing asset to Rowan. 

Angela, because of your dedication and commitment to Rowan students, your colleagues, and the university as a whole, we honor you as the April PROFessional of the Month. Exceptional work!

March 2023

The Student Support Services Team

Congratulations to the Student Support Services Team for being selected as the March PROFessionals of the Month!

The Student Support Services Team, led by Erin Hannah, works with students on academic probation and students who have been identified by faculty as ‘at risk of failing’. There is an urgency around the goals of this team as they work to retain one student at a time with a multi-pronged innovative approach to academic support.

Rowan University offers a wide variety of impressive resources to support students and collectively, as a university, we strive to make sure that students know about these resources. Unfortunately, we occasionally hear from students that they are not aware of these resources or how to connect when they need them. The Student Support Services team has successfully implemented innovative ways to meet the students where they are. Here are some examples of their work:

New Tutoring Center: The team recently worked together to quickly convert a former classroom (Savitz 321) into a welcoming and functional Tutoring Center. Working toward the shared goal of providing a visible, accessible and holistic tutoring space, the team quickly transformed it into a hub of student support. Students who enter can meet with their tutor and also pick up snacks or coffee and interact with Student Support staff.

Street Team: Last year, the Student Support Services group created the Street Team which is a group of federal work study students who were hired and trained to go where students congregate in dining halls, housing and academic buildings to distribute information about campus resources such as tutoring and success coaching. 

Student Success Summit: In September, the Student Support Services team along with the Office of Accessibility Services held the first summit focused on student success. Over 70 students attended the event which brought together professionals from across the Glassboro campus, who outlined resources available to students—from success coaching and career advancement to tutoring, accessibility services, mental health services and more. The day included a student lunch, resource fair and student panel.

Success Workshop Series: Each semester for the last two years, the team has hosted a Success Workshop Series with interactive workshops for students to explore many of the tools Rowan has to offer. These are offered both virtually and in-person with weekend and evening options to accommodate student schedules. 

Academic Improvement Program: All students on probation or continuing probation are enrolled in the Academic Improvement Program Canvas course which contains modules related to improving academic performance. Students in the course are required to fulfill additional requirements including meeting with a Student Success Coordinator or attending Success Coaching, Tutoring or Advising.         

Two-way texting campaign utilizing Ocelot: The team is currently working together on a pilot to engage with students informally with two-way texting which has not been used before by the team. Through two-way texting, team members engage informally with students, assess their immediate needs and make referrals to resources that best address the student's needs at the moment. 

The Student Support Services Team is continually coming up with new approaches which are impacting the success of Rowan’s students, and because of this dedication and commitment to Rowan students, your colleagues, and the university as a whole, we honor you as the March PROFessionals of the Month. Exceptional work!

February 2023

Jennifer Green, Photography/Strategic Enrollment Management


Congratulations to Jennifer Green for being selected as the February PROFessional of the Month!

Jennifer Green’s colleagues were effusive in their praise for her work ethic, creativity, and impact that she makes every day for the university. Jen’s beautiful photography creates visually stunning optics of our beautiful campuses. However, it is her student-centered, humanistic work which deserves to be recognized.

When working with a photography source, given the nature of photography itself, Jen becomes a source of comfort and confidence for our students, who often feel emotionally vulnerable being photographed. She will sometimes come back to the office dismayed after a shoot with a first-year student, sharing that the source disclosed that they “have no friends”. Jen will then ask her colleagues who we can connect the student with to help them develop a sense of community. Additionally, Jen offers free, professional graduation photos to students each year, a loving gift to our students and their parents, as they enter our Alumni Association and leave their college years behind them.

To summarize, Jen impacts students’ lives, in tangible and meaningful ways that go above and beyond her role as photographer. She is already “PROFessional of the Month” in her team’s eyes, but Jennifer, because of your dedication and commitment to Rowan students, your colleagues, and the university as a whole, we honor you as the February PROFessional of the Month. Outstanding work!

January 2023

Kristine Fazzio, Rowan Global Learning & Partnerships


Congratulations to Kristine Fazzio for being selected as the January PROFessional of the Month!

Kristine consistently demonstrates a high level of dedication and overall commitment to all aspects of the Rowan Global Team, the University, and the Glassboro community. She arrives to work early, is meticulous with her work, takes leadership roles without being asked, works as a team player, and consistently contributes new ideas to help processes within the department run smoothly. Her customer service skills are exceptional, and she strives to make sure students have the best experience when applying to our Graduate programs. She is a true example of Rowan Pride and a valuable asset to our division.

Kristine puts others before herself on a regular basis. An example of this is the two holiday drives that she organized for the office during the recent holiday season. The Thanksgiving “Adopt a Family Drive” was able to help multiple families have the Thanksgiving dinner that they deserve. She promoted, collected, and went shopping on her own time for this to be possible. Kristine also chaired the initiative to raise “Toys for Tots” within the past several weeks. Our office was able to donate two large boxes of toys that helped make many Christmas mornings very bright for some less fortunate children.

Kristine, because of your kindness, dedication and commitment to your team and the University as a whole, and willingness to always lend a helping hand, we honor you as the January PROFessional of the Month. Outstanding work!

December 2022

Brian Richards, Central Store/Central Receiving 

Congratulations to Brian Richards (center) for being selected as the December PROFessional of the Month!

Congratulations to Brian Richards of the Central Store/Central Receiving team for being selected as the December PROFessional of the Month!

Brian consistently goes out of his way to be friendly and brighten everyone’s day. His customer service is truly exemplary. For example, the Department of Art receives a significant amount of goods (supplies, chemicals, and kits for art studios, just to name a few). They have a constant stream of boxes full of all kinds of items, some heavy, some light, some inexpensive, some expensive. Brian goes beyond leaving these packages inside the office. He consistently checks with the department to find out if it is a larger size shipment and if it needs to be placed in another location such as in a closet or office down the hall.

He is reliably efficient and professional, but more than that, he genuinely cares about co-workers and other employees that he interacts with. He frequently asks how they are doing and what is going on with them. The care that he shows for others is a ray of sunshine day in and day out across the entire Glassboro campus. He is truly valued as an employee and is held in high esteem by everyone that he interacts with.

Brian, because of your consistent positivity, high level of customer service, and extraordinary efforts for the University as a whole, we honor you as the December PROFessional of the Month. Outstanding work!

November 2022        

Melissa Meireles and Sheena Pierce, IRT Training and Instructional Support


Congratulations to Sheena Pierce (left) and Melissa Meireles (right) for being selected as the November PROFessionals of the Month!

Congratulations to Sheena Pierce and Melissa Meireles of the IRT Training and Instructional Support team for being selected as the November PROFessionals of the Month!

Recently, Sheena and Melissa completed the challenging task of recreating all of the training for the new user interface for the Rowan travel software – Concur. With a fast approaching deadline, because the interface was changing in a few short months, they teamed up with Accounts Payable to completely rebuild most of the training that was created right before the pandemic, when Concur was first launched. For this project, they created a survey and worked with a focus group to study the effectiveness of the previous training and instituted their findings to improve the new user interface training. New Knowledge Base articles and videos were created, based on the feedback provided by the survey and focus group, to help make Concur a more seamless process for the whole university. 

Their dedication to customer service, which inspired them to analyze the previous training while conferring with the current users, along with their extraordinary effort to recreate effective and responsive training for Concur on such a short schedule, is why Sheena and Melissa are being honored as the November Professionals of the Month. Exceptional work!

October 2022

Kathleen Roderique, Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine Simulation Center

Congratulations to Kathleen Roderique (center, bottom row) for being selected as the October PROFessional of the Month!

Congratulations to Kathleen Roderique in the Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine Simulation Center for being selected as the PROFessional of the Month for October!

One of her Kathleen’s colleagues commented: “I started in my new role in September, and in this short period of time I have been shown so much support from everyone in my team, especially Kathy. She spends hours not only handling her responsibilities, but also going above and beyond when it comes to helping her co-workers. Even when she is home, we can always count on her (although I tell her to enjoy her time off). Kathy deserves to be recognized for her reliable dedication to her tasks and her team, ability to embrace change, demonstrate kindness, and create a welcoming atmosphere for all. All are powerful traits to have!”

Well said! Kathleen, because of your consistent team first attitude, willingness to help your colleagues, and enthusiasm for your work, we honor you as the October PROFessional of the Month. Outstanding work!