Manager's Toolkit

Manager's Toolkit

Manager's Toolkit

Dr. Houshmand’s goal is to create an environment where every employee wants to come to work every day. That attitude is not just important but essential if we are to reach the goals that have been set for Rowan University. Each of us must give Rowan University our best each and every day. Our managers are key to achieving that environment.
This webpage was designed to provide the tools that were discussed during the managerial training sessions. Please contact Jeremy Trowsdale (856-256-4291) with any questions.

Performance Management For Managers – This presentation will provide information regarding best practices for completing and delivering performance reviews, as well as explain Rowan’s Managerial Review process from a system/technical perspective.

Recruiting Effective Managers

Supervisor's Checklist When Hiring a New Employee

The checklist below serves as a great tool for making sure you are completing all necessary steps when hiring a new employee. The checklist will assist you throughout the entire hiring process, starting with completing new hire paperwork through 6 months after the employee has started. If you have any questions about specific steps on the checklist, please reference the bottom of the checklist for the appropriate contact information.

The form below is used to discuss and document goals with a New Hire. These goals are in addition to essential duties a manager must complete to be successful. The Managerial Review cycle runs from July 1 – June 30 each year. The new employee’s hire date will determine if this form should be utilized. For further questions, please contact Jeremy Trowsdale.

New Manager Orientation (All Modules are offered quarterly)

  • The goal of this training series is to:
    • Provide guidance to new hire managerial employees and employees promoted into that employment class in regards to the Rowan organizational structure including understanding the responsibilities of specific departments & divisions
    • Connect them with specific Rowan tools, resources, and contact information
    • Facilitate understanding of their role as managers, especially in regards to Rowan policies and procedures
  • For further information about the various modules of NMO (HR, Finance, IRT, and Student Affairs), please refer to the main Training page.

Performance Evaluation

  To access the managerial form, log into Self-Service Banner.

    • Select "Employee"
    • Click on Employee Dashboard
    • Click Manager Employee Menu in the bottom right hand corner
    • Select "Managerial Review Form"

The timeline for the 2023 Managerial Performance Review process is listed below:

June 1 – June 30, 2023 – Supervisors of Managerial Employees complete Department/Division Goals and Managerial employees complete self-evaluations by completing the following areas:

Part 1 – Self Evaluation

Part 2 – General Job Duties

Part 3 – Individual Goals/Performance Objectives for Last Evaluation Period

Part 5 – New individual Goals/Objectives

Part 7 – Leadership Competencies


Managerial employees must complete and submit their portion of the evaluation process by June 30th.

Please note: Supervisors can begin reviews once the employee has submitted their self-evaluation.


July 1 – August 11, 2023 Supervisors finish the evaluations, review them with the Division Heads (if applicable), and hold meetings with direct reports. Supervisors must complete the following areas:

Part 2 – General Job Duties – provide a rating and comments

Part 3 – Individual Goals/Performance Objectives for Last Evaluation Period

Part 4 – Department/Division Goals/Performance Objectives – should be completed in early to mid-June (if applicable)

Part 5 – New Individual Goals/Objectives – review for discussion/recommendations for edits with your direct report(s)

Part 6 – Overall Assessment/Rating – provide a rating and comments

Part 7 – Leadership Competencies – only if edits are needed

August 31 – Last day to finalize all signatures for the reviews (Part 8)


Performance Feedback

Performance Feedback forms

Documentation & Disciplinary Guidelines for Represented Employees