Leaves of Absence

Leaves of Absence

Leaves of Absence

Rowan University recognizes that it may be necessary for employees to be absent from work for an extended period to address certain family responsibilities or their own serious health condition.  In order to comply with federal and state laws, Administrative Code, Board Policy, and contractual obligations, the University offers the following leave programs to eligible employees.  If you are considering a leave of absence, please contact Brea Arthur in the Office of Human Resources at 856-256-4304 to discuss the options available to you.

Leave of Absence Information Matrix

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Medical Note Needed for 5 Consecutive Sick Days

An employee who is absent for five (5) or more consecutive working days is required to submit to the Office of Human Resources acceptable medical documentation substantiating the illness. On the day of return to work, the employee is required to bring to the Office of Human Resources medical documentation that includes the return to work date and any limitations or restrictions.

Employees submitting a medical note should ensure that the note contains the following information:

  • the date the employee was seen by the doctor
  • the date(s) the employee was out or will be out
  • the expected date of return
  • the reason for the absence and/or the nature of the illness
  • a statement from the doctor that the employee is unable to carry out expected duties

Any medical excuse not containing this information will be returned for the necessary details.

Failure to provide appropriate medical documentation may result in disciplinary action.

Donated Leave Program
  • This program enables employees to donate voluntarily a portion of their earned sick and/or vacation time to other employees who have exhausted their own earned leave and who themselves or a member of their family are suffering from serious catastrophic health condition or injury which is expected to require a prolonged absence from work.  For further information and the request form click here
Family Medical Leave Family Leave Insurance 
Personal Leave Sick Leave
  • Sick Leave is utilized when an employee requires the use of five or more consecutive sick days for a serious health condition for themselves or an immediate family member. The use of this leave still requires, if eligible, for FMLA to be used concurrently. For further information and the request form click here
Temporary Disability Voluntary Furlough
  • The Voluntary Furlough program provides Rowan University an opportunity to permit an employee to take unpaid time off without the loss of health benefits or seniority, for extraordinary circumstances as it deems necessary.  Such time off must not negatively impact the fiscal or operational effectiveness of the department or University, and is subject to University approval. For further information and the request form click here


Employees are permitted to use a maximum of five (5) sick days for bereavement for immediate family members. Per N.J.A.C 4A:6-1.21A immediate Family is defined as a child, parent, spouse or grandparent.

If you have questions regarding bereavement or if you wish to take bereavement, please contact Maria Britt (ext. 65854, brittm@rowan.edu).

Jury Duty

If you have questions regarding jury duty or have been selected for jury duty, please contact Maria Britt (ext. 65854, brittm@rowan.edu).

Workers Compensation

For information regarding the Workers Compensation Program click here

Lactation Center and Nursing Room

For information regarding lacation and nursing rooms on campus, please click here.