OWI Events and Programs

OWI Events and Programs

Education & Conversation Topics

Requests for education related to inclusion for employees in any unit on campus are available. Below are some topics for consideration; however, we may also be able to work with you to develop a more tailored training or guided conversation in response to your needs. Please email inclusion@rowan.edu for more information or to request one of these services.


  • Rowan's Got Talent: This interactive training provides information about key topics that contribute to an inclusive workplace environment and experience. Ideas of psychological safety, representation, acceptance, and interconnectedness are introduced and activities that build on these topics work to improve collaboration and relationships within your unit. Participants will be able to identify specific actions they can take to recognize and appreciate co-workers’ unique skills and traits and contribute to the improvement of employee inclusion in your area, enhancing opportunities for employees to contribute in meaningful and personally authentic ways.
  • Extreme Makeover - Conscious Colleague Edition: This session trains employees to recognize often unintentional words, phrases, and behaviors that might contribute to negative work experiences and describes the impact of those statements and actions on employee wellness and satisfaction. Participants will learn to recognize when these types of issues arise and develop skills to interrupt challenging interactions and communication. Participants will also begin considering ways to be proactive in inclusive efforts.
  • Are You Smarter Than a Neanderthal?: People are unique. So why don’t we see them that way? And how does that affect employees in the workplace? In this training participants will learn about how we often don’t realize how our perceptions may be underinformed or misinformed. We will see examples of this affecting employee engagement and interactions and explore ways to challenge our own thinking, including by finding and using trustworthy resources that can assist with broadening our understanding of topics. Participants will also be able to recognize when misconceptions might be causing conflict or other difficulties and will be able to bring attention to these issues.

Inclusion Feedback

The Manager of Employee Inclusion can assist with your efforts to make your work environments, meetings, and interactions more inclusive. If you would like an audit for your Division, Department, School, College, or Office in any of the areas listed below or if there are other areas in which you would like recommendations, please email inclusion@rowan.edu.

  • Physical Environment (office spaces, meeting/conference rooms, etc.)
  • Virtual meetings
  • In-person meetings
  • Website
  • Group programs (i.e. employee retreats or celebrations)

Additional Training Opportunities

If you want to get started on creating more inclusive workplaces, but aren't ready for one of the above trainings or consultations, we have created a list of opportunities for you to engage with relevant material on your own. Click here to review this list and try one or more of the options. This list will continue to be updated as additional traiing resources are identified.