Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous Fees

Education Students

Students with education majors and minors, regardless of course selection or status (i.e., full-time, part-time) will be charged a $50.00 per semester Educational Field Experience Fee.

Engineering Students

Full-time engineering students will be charged a $250.00 per semester Engineering Differential Fee. Part-time engineering students will be charged a $20.00 per credit hour Engineering Differential Fee.

Insurance Fee

Rowan University requires all full-time students as well as part-time students enrolled in specific programs to maintain health insurance coverage throughout the academic year.  If you have personal coverage, students may waive this fee.  Please click here for more information on the health insurance offered through the University as well as instructions on how to waive the coverage and its cost, as applicable.

Matriculated Undergraduate Students

Matriculated undergraduate students will be charged additional tuition per credit hour for hours in excess of 17 credit hours.

Graduation Fee

The graduation application fee is a one-time charge and covers the processing of the application(s), the cost of the degree audit(s) and evaluation(s), the production and mailing of the diploma by an outside service, and diploma covers.

Rowan ID Fee

Every new Rowan student is assessed this one-time $10.00 fee. The cost is $25.00 for a replacement ID.

Other Fees

Audit Course Fee (per credit) same as tuition
Deferred Tuition Payment Plan Enrollment Fee $50.00 per semester
Graduation Fee $100.00
Late Payment Fee $65.00 per occurrence
Returned Check Payment Fee $35.00
Credit Card Chargeback Fee $35.00