Facts About Fees

Facts About Fees

Facts About Fees

Fees are subject to change, consistent with University policy, pending board approval, without notice to individual students.

University Fee

The University Fee is charged to all students enrolled in college-credit courses at the University. This fee is assessed to matriculated undergraduate students at $167.65 per credit hour and is capped at the flat rate fee at $1,962.00. It is assessed to all other students at a rate of $161.55 per credit hour.

***The University Fee is charged strictly per credit hour for the summer session.  There is no flat rate for the University Fee during the summer session.  The per credit hour rate is displayed under the "undergraduate and graduate rates for summer". 

The purpose of this fee is to help defray the costs of an array of varied but integral services and projects that directly affect our students every day. Some of these important areas are briefly described below.

* The fee helps to offset placement service costs in order to assist all of our students as they proceed from the academic world to the job market.

* The funds received from the University Fee pay for student publications, major concerts, and supports over 100 clubs and organizations.

* The fee helps defray the cost of debt service on recently constructed or renovated buildings as well as the operation and maintenance cost of newly constructed buildings and partially finances the operations of the Recreation Center and Student Center.

* The funds received provide much needed support for expansion and upgrade of our student computer labs and academic programs.