For a list of local mental health therapists, providers, and resources, please click below: 

Local Therapists and Mental Health Resources

The following resources may provide helpful information related to campus, local, and web-based services in the areas of health and wellness:

The Rowan Partnership 

Rowan has created a partnership with trusted local mental health experts to improve access to care for Rowan students, faculty and staff.  

Outreach & Community Engagement

Outreach is about increasing college student mental health awareness through prevention, awareness, education and stigma reduction. Through outreach, CPS staff are able to connect with the larger Rowan community and ultimately strengthen our “community of caring

CARES Team & Dean of Students' Office

The Cares Team was established to follow up with students who are identified by faculty in staff as in need of academic or a number of other support.  This contains For additional reporting, such as hardship appeals, withdraw requests, etc. please visit the Dean of Students' website.

Rowan Thrive 

Know Before You Go

Web Based Resources