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Students can have problems that can make their academic and personal lives at college difficult.  It is not necessary to have a serious problem to see a counselor; sometimes it is helpful to simply have someone with whom to talk things over.  Common problems that students experience include, but are not limited to: adjusting to college or life transitions, relationship concerns, depression and anxiety, eating and body image concerns, family problems, alcohol and substance abuse problems, social anxiety, and identity development or confusion.

Policy on Confidentiality

Counseling & Psychological Services is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all who visit. All counseling records are confidential and are never added to educational records. Communication between counselor and client are privileged, confidential and safeguarded.

Under no circumstances will any information regarding counseling be released by the CPS staff to anyone outside of the Rowan Counseling & Psychological Services without a student’s prior written authorization, except in the following situations:

1. When there is a risk of impending harm to oneself or another person. The Counseling Center staff is legally and ethically bound to do whatever is necessary to protect life.
2. When there is reasonable cause to suspect that a child, elderly person or mentally incompetent person is being abused, neglected or exploited. The Counseling Center staff is legally bound to report such abuse.
3. When a court of law orders information to be released the Counseling Center staff may be legally bound to comply.

Participation in group counseling requires you to commit to maintaining the confidentiality of that group.

Session Limits

In efforts to meet the counseling needs of more Rowan University students, CPS limits individual sessions to twelve (12) annually. This will apply to most students with the understanding that some clinical situations will require additional sessions. Depending on the nature of the clinical situations students will continue their services at CPS or may be referred for outside care. Any questions or concerns students may have about session limits can be addressed with their ongoing therapist or triage therapist.

Let's Talk

"Let's Talk" is a service that provides easy access to informal, confidential consultations with CPS counselors. Drop-in hours are held at different sites on campus. There is no appointment or fee necessary. All sites are open to all students

Individual Therapy

Individual counseling allows individuals to speak privately and confidentially with a trained counselor about personal concerns and/or emotional problems with the goal of facilitating personal growth.

Group Therapy

At Rowan University, Counseling & Psychological Services, we believe in the power of groups! For many of the issues college students face, group therapy has been shown to be the most effective treatment approach.

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services at Rowan are limited. If you need to have a consultation with a CPS psychiatrist, you must be a currently enrolled student at the university. All students receiving psychiatric services at CPS must be referred by their CPS counselor.

Crisis Counseling

Counselors are available during and after office hours if you are in crisis.

Alcohol & Other Drug Services

Counseling & Psychological Services provides both individual and group treatment for students with alcohol and other substance abuse concerns. CPS is also able to provide referrals to community treatment options.

Couples/Family Therapy

Couples counseling provides assistance to couples going through difficult periods. Couples counseling is beneficial in terms of working through existing problems, developing skills to strengthen and enhance the relationship, and establishing goals for the future.

Appointment Policy

Keeping appointments is important. A missed appointment hinders your progress and limits service availability to other students.