Racial/ Ethnic Identity

Racial/ Ethnic Identity

Multicultural Awareness

Multicultural awareness is the recognition and appreciation of the diverse cultures and backgrounds of people from different parts of the world. It involves understanding and respecting the differences and similarities between different cultures and being open to learning from and interacting with people of different cultural backgrounds.

Multicultural awareness is essential for building more inclusive and diverse communities and organizations. It enables individuals to develop empathy and understanding towards people from different cultures and to recognize and challenge their own biases and assumptions. It also promotes cultural competency, which is the ability to effectively navigate and communicate with people from different cultures.

Regardless of your own ethnic or racial identities, we at CPS reiterate how important the commitment to the value of multicultural awareness is to being a pro-social citizen on campus. 

The staff at CPS really believes that no matter what is bringing you to the center, having a safe space to explore how culture is playing a role is essential.  

Our students and our staff bring lots of different visible and invisible identities to the table.  Whether you are working with a counselor who appears to have similar or different identities from your own, you can be sure that your counselor is invested in understanding your unique perspective.