Tenure & Recontracting and Promotion

Tenure & Recontracting and Promotion

Tenure & Recontracting and Promotion Committee

The Senate Tenure & Recontracting and Promotion Committees were merged into a single Tenure, Recontracting, and Promotion Committee (TR&P). The University Senate TR&P Committee only evaluates faculty files that either receive one or more negative votes or abstentions at the departmental or college level, or receive a negative recommendation from the Dean. This review is limited only to verifying that there have been no process violations while assessing the candidate at the committee, college, or Dean levels. It is not a substantive review on the merits of the application, nor should it offer an opinion or recommendation on the personnel benefit being sought out in those applications. In addition, because the Library is not part of a college, the Senate TR&P Committee will replace the College TR&P Committee to evaluate the librarians’ files.

Information on the Senate TR&P Committee composition can be found here.

**Due to the migration of all courses to online delivery during the Spring 2020 semester, the requirement to have peer observations and student evaluations was waived for that semester.  If you obtained student evaluations and peer observations for your own use, you could opt to include them, but you are not required to, in future Tenure and Recontracting applications. 

The T&R and Promotion MOAs are available at the  Academic Affairs Website. The COVID-19 Impact Statement can be found here.

For additional information and help, consult the T & R resources (process, packet design, formatting PDF's, conducting peer observations etc.) offered by the the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 
Chair for the Tenure, Recontracting, and Promotion Committee: