This committee selects the students whose names ar submitted as nominees by their sponsors to receive honors for outstanding achievement in various areas, most of which are related to the curriculum.

Rowan University's 2018-19 Medallion Awards

"Recognizing graduating students' academic excellence and service"

Chair: Stephen Royek - email:

Committee Members Academic Year 2018-19
Stephen Royek,Chair Faculty
Robert Wieman Faculty
Melissa Klapper  Faculty
Amanda Adams Faculty
Lori Block Faculty or Professional Staff
Kelly Young Faculty or Professional Staff
Natalie Schell-Busey  Faculty or Professional Staff
John Quinesso AFT Representative


Annual Reports

Awards Committee Annual Report 17-18

Awards Committee Annual Report 16-17

Awards Committee annual report 15-16



Leadership, Courage or Humanitarian Nominations – Friday, February 15, 2019.

These awards are chosen by nomination.

James M. Lynch, Jr. Courage in Adversity Award

Thomas E. Robinson, Leadership Award

Robert D. Bole, Humanitarian Award

Criteria and submission information are included on the form.