The University Senate consists of faculty, professional staff, and library staff.  Each University department elects one senator for every fifteen department members.  In addition, faculty, professional staff, and library staff elect eight senators-at-large.  Senators serve for two years with officers elected each year.  Senators and officers may be re-elected.  For the 2018-19 academic year, the Senate has 89 members.

Full Senate Membership  (AY) 2018-19





Term Expires

Accardo, Amy Inter. & Inclusive Ed. Meredith-Brown,C Faculty  2019
Alexander, Janelle Admissions Ivanic, S. Prof. Staff  2019
Andre, Michelle  Intercoll. Athletics   Prof. Staff  2019
Angelone, Bonnie Faculty Senate   Faculty/Sen Exec 2019
Appelson, Herb Art   Faculty 2020
Barbro, Patrick Marketing/BIS Lewis, P. Faculty/Sen Exec 2020
Barnes, Adrian Music Higgins, J. Faculty 2020
Bauer, Nate Philosophy & Religion Lund, M Faculty/Sen Exec 2019
Beale, Angela STEAM Barnes, A. Faculty 2019
Billing, Tejinder Mgmt/Entrepreneurship Casper, C. Faculty 2020
Block, Lori College of Education Mummert, E. Prof. Staff  2020
Britt, Rubin Career Mgmt Center   Prof. Staff/        At Large  2020
Browne, Susan LLSE Seltzer, K. Faculty 2019
Brush, Denise Library Services Matthews, J. Faculty 2019
Budmen, Rachel UAS-Li, Sociology  Roberts-LeBeau,L.  Prof. Staff  2020
Cassidy, Joe Athletics Wilson, K. Prof. Staff  2019
Chu, Mike Computer Science Breitzman,A. Faculty 2019
Cleary, Doug Civil/Environ Engin Rouzbeth, N. Prof. Staff/     Sen Exec  2020
Connolly, Harold Geology Wiemann, P. Faculty  2019
Courtney, Jennifer Writing Arts   Faculty 2019
Cox, Amanda UAS/Psychology   Prof. Staff 2019
Crumrine, Patrick Environmental Science Christensen,B. Faculty 2020
Dahm, Kevin Chemical Engineering   Faculty/Sen Exec 2020
Dashefsky, Patricia Biology Schillo, M. Faculty  2020
Dedkov,Eduard  CMSRU   Faculty  2019
Dominik, Michael Management/Entrep  Casper, C. Faculty 2020
Everett, Jess Experiential Engin Edu. Farrell, S. Faculty  2019
Fillenwarth, Grace Writing Arts Luther, J. Faculty  2020
Finer, Cynthia University  Advising Svc   Prof. Staff  2020
Foglein, Jonathan Chemistry/Biochemistry Whiting, M. Faculty/At Large 2019
Folkinshteyn, Daniel Accounting/Finance   Faculty/Sen Exec 2019
Fopeano, Richard STEAM   Faculty  2019
Fortunato, Tiffany UAS/STEAM  Cox, A. Prof. Staff  2019
Freind, Bill English Falck, C.


Fusco, Tom Theatre & Dance  Roche, C. Faculty 2020
Garyantes, Diane Journalism DiUlio, N. Faculty/Sen Exec 2019
Gendreau, Mat Music DiBlasio, D./Hiatt,  Faculty  2019
Getler, Lori UAC-Student Affairs   Prof Staff 2020
Greeson, Jeff Psychology Haught, J./Raiff, B Faculty  2019
Guerra, Eric Physics & Astronomy Klassen, D. Faculty/Sen Exec 2020
Hannah, Erin University Advising Services   Prof. Staff/     Sen Exec  2019
Hasse, John Geography/Plan/Sust   Faculty  2020
Haynes, Julie Communications Stud.   Faculty 2020
Hecht, Gregory Biological Sciences O'Brien,T. Faculty  2019
Hernandez, Maria World Languages   Faculty 2020
Hill, Jane Sociology & Anthropology Gallant, M. Faculty  2019
Iftode, Cristina Molecular & Cellular Bioscience   Faculty 2020
Jonnalagadda, Subash Chemistry & Biochemistry Perez, L. Faculty/Sen Exec 2019
Kapri, Kul Political Sci & Econ. Pluta, A. Faculty 2020
Kennedy, Samantha Chemistry/Biochemistry Davidian, C. Faculty 2020
Kerrigan, Monica Ed. Services & Leadership Wilson-Hill, Z. Faculty/Sen Exec 2020
LaPorta, Philip Physics & Astronomy Klassen, D. Faculty  2019
Larsen-Britt, Christine University Advising Services Rey, B. Prof. Staff/     Sen Sec. 2020
Lewis, Phil Marketing/BIS   Prof.Staff/         At Large  2020
Lippmann, Ethel Inter. & Inclusice Ed.   Faculty 2020
Mansaray, Mohamed Computer Science   Faculty  2020
Miller, DeMond Sociology   Faculty/Sen VP 2019
Mills, J.T. Social Just/Inclusion/    Conflict Resolution   Prof. Staff/     Sen Exec  2019
Mirchandani, Dilip Management/Entrep.   Faculty/Sen Exec 2019
Morschauser, Scott History   Faculty 2019
Moura-Letts, Gustavo Chemistry/Biochemistry Perez, L. Faculty/Sen Exec 2019
Nguyen, Thanh Mathematics   Faculty 2020
Novak, Alison Public Relations/Advertising   Faculty 2019
Pattwell, Ashley Public Relations/ Advert. Hong, C. Faculty 2019
Politz, Keir Radio/TV/Film Winkler, C. Faculty 2019
Rahin, Nadia UAS-James Hall Funkhouser,A. Prof. Staff 2020
Rahmani, Vahid Marketing/BIS   Faculty 2020
Ramachandran, Ravi Elec/Comp Engineering Krchnavek, R. Faculty 2019
Samsel, Tiffany Law & Justice Studies Houser,K. Faculty 2020
Shapiro, Rachael Writing Arts Luther, J. Faculty  2019
Simmons, Christina Psychology   Faculty 2020
Simons, Christopher Mathematics   Faculty/Sen Exec 2019
Slater, Kate English  Vitto, C. Faculty  2019
Smolarski, Jan Accounting & Finance Omar, A. Faculty 2020
Staehle, Mary Biomedical Engineering Beachley, V. Faculty  2019
Strasser, Dan Communication Studies   Faculty 2019
Stutzbach, Eileen Academic Technology   Prof. Staff/     Sen Exec 2019
Suber-Robinson, M. Conference & Events Calio, B. Prof. Staff/     Sen Exec  2020
Sung, Kenzo LLSE Seltzer, K. Faculty 2020
Thomas, Skeffington Art   Faculty/At Large 2020
Travis, Matthew Biosciences  DiStefano, G. Faculty 2020
Uygur, Mehmet Health & Exer Science   Faculty 2019
Uygur, Ozge Accounting/Finance  Omar, A. Faculty/Sen Exec 2020
Vaccaro, David UAS-Art  Dolbow, H. Prof. Staff 2020
Williams, Charlene CMSRU   Faculty/Sen Exec 2020
Willis, Shari Health & Exercise Science Freidenreich, D. Faculty 2019
Wilson-Hill, Zalphia Ed. Serv & Leadership  Sun, Q. (Anna) Faculty 2020
Xue, Wei Mechanical Engineering Haas, F. (Mac) Faculty 2019
Young, Kelly UAS-Mrk/BIS Elcess, K. Prof. Staff 2020

The Senate Organization responsibilities

  • elects a President, Vice President, Secretary - two year terms
  • the President appoints a Parliamentarian
  • elects 21 standing committee chairs - two year terms
  • elects 8 senator at large- two year terms
  • oversees 5 all university committee as well as 5 ad hoc committees

Senate Meetings

The Senate meets once a month, within a week of the monthly meeting of the Senate Executive Committee. 

The meetings have the following agendas:

  • each senate meeting begins with an open period of no more than 30 minutes during which non members may speak 
  • Senate President reports on ongoing business
  • each committee chair present a brief report
  • members are encouraged to address ongoing issues or to advance new business for Senate consideration