Tenure and Recontracting

Tenure and Recontracting

T&R and Promotion Resources

Guidance on formatting PDFs - Need help creating an indexed and searchable PDF for your packet? We created this!  A huge THANK YOU to Alison Novak, from PR & Advertising, who recorded the videos, and Rachel Shapiro, from Writing Arts, who put together the clickable checklist guide. 

Combining student evaluations for T&R supplemental packet

AFT Local Agreements - T&R, Promotion, Sabbatical, etc.

Library - Research and Tenure - resources

The Faculty Center Recurring Sessions related to T&R

Lecturer Promotion PowerPoint 2021 - presented by Julie Haynes, Chair, University Senate Promotion Committee

T&R "The Process" session slides - most current version (2/21)

T&R Packet Preparation and Design Workshop slides - most current version 

Question and Answer Session about External Reviewers 2018-2019 (pdf)

Presented by Jim Newell, Provost; Kevin Dahm, Senate T&R Chairperson; Bonnie Angelone, Faculty Center Director

 Updated 9/15/21