Executive Senate Committee - Officers and Chairs

The Executive Senate Committee is comprised of  eighteen (18) Standing Committee chairs and seven (7) senator-at-large members who are elected during the last Full Senate Committee meeting in May. 



Term Ends


Bill Freind Senate President 2019 English
DeMond Miller Senate Vice President - At Large 2019 Sociology
Christine Larsen-Britt Senate Recording Secretary 2019 University Advising Center
Charlene Williams  Parliamentarian 2019 CMSRU
Rubin Britt  At Large - Exec 2020 Career Management Center
John Foglein  At Large - Exec 2019 Chemistry/Biochemistry
Phil Lewis  At Large - Exec 2020 Science & Mathematics
Skeffington Thomas  At Large - Exec 2020 Art
Eileen Stutzbach  At Large - Exec/Student Relations 2019 IRT Technology
Bonnie Angelone  At Large - Exec 2019 Faculty Center
Daniel Folkinshteyn Academic Integrity Committee 2019 Accounting/Finance
Erick Guerra Academic Policies & Procedure Committee 2019 Physics & Astronomy
Diane Garyantes Campus Aesthetics & Environment Committee 2019 Journalism
 n/a Career Development    
Dilip Mirchandani Chairs Council 2018 Management/Ent

Ozge Uygur

Committee on Committees 2019 Accounting & Finance
Marci Carrasquillo Curriculum Committee 2019 Writing Arts
J.T. Mills Diversity Committee 2019 Soc Justice, Inclusion & Confl Resolution
Monica Kerrigan Graduate Ed., Global Learning & Partnerships Committee 2019 Ed Services & Leadership
Erin Hannah  Intercollegiate Athletics  2019 University Advising Center
Carla Lewandowski Learning Outcomes & Assessment Committee 2019 Law and Justice Studies
McKenzie Suber-Robinson Professional Ethics Committee 2019 Conference & Events
Jess Everett Promotion Committee 2019  Exp  Engineering Ed.
Doug Cleary

Recruitment, Admission, Retention Committee

2019 Civil & Environmental Engineering
Gustavo Moura-Letts Research Committee 2019 Chemistry
Nate Bauer Rowan Core Committee 2019 Biological Sciences
Subash Jonnalagadda Sabbatical Leave Committee 2019 Chemistry/Biochemistry
  Technological Resources Com 2019  
Kevin Dahm Tenure & Recontracting Com 2019 Chemical Engineering
Chris Simons Univ. Budget & Planning Com 2019 Mathematics

Support Staff:  Donna Ennis  (5-3670) or Noranne Browne  (5-3671)