Shared Governance

Shared Governance

Shared Governance

Definition of Shared Governance 

Shared governance is a set of practices under which impacted parties are consulted (directly or through representative structures) by the ultimate decision-makers.  

Characteristics of Effective Shared Governance:

Characteristics of effective shared governance include the following:

1.       The focus is on finding the best possible solution for the University even when that solution does not advance the specific interests of an individual, department, or division.

2.      The interchange is conducted respectfully, in a timely manner, with a spirit of shared purpose and shared responsibility, and without fear of reprisal.

3.      Impacted parties are provided access to data when possible (confidential personnel or legal issues would represent exceptions), supplied with a rationale for significant decisions, and invited to participate in the assessment of results.  Open dissemination of results, accompanied by the context of shared governance that led to those results, is critical as incentive for input into future decisions and for continued commitment to shared governance.