Rowan Core Committee Website

Rowan Core Committee Website

Starting in Fall 2020, the Rowan Core committee has merged with the Learning Outcomes & Assessment committee to form the new Learning Assessment & Rowan Core Committee. The new committee's website is here. 

Some of the old committee website's content is left here for archival purposes.


Rowan Core Committee Responsibilities

The Rowan Core Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Reviewing proposals to add a Rowan Core literacy to an existing course—or to modify the literacy of an existing Rowan Core course.
  • Coordinating with the Curriculum Committee to review proposals for new Rowan Core courses. (The Rowan Core Committee is responsible for reviewing the proposal to add a Rowan Core literacy; all other aspects of the course are reviewed by the Curriculum Committee.)
  • Revoking courses from Rowan Core if departments fail to do the approved student assessment.
  • Developing and approving changes to Rowan Core policy. Significant changes will need full Senate approval.
  • Reviewing alignments of non-Rowan Core courses with Rowan Core literacy outcomes.
  • Revising existing Rowan Core learning outcomes (or add new ones) as needed.

2019-20 Chair: Nathan Bauer (