Rowan Core

Rowan Core

Rowan Core Committee is charged with reviewing and assessing proposals for new or modified Rowan Core courses. It also develops goals and outcomes for any new literacies included in revisions to the Core. Finally, the Committee makes recommendations for the selection of a Rowan Core Director.

Chair: Nathan Bauer- email:

Rowan Core Implementation

Rowan Core is running in a limited first phase in 2017-18, with roughly twenty courses. The full implementation of Rowan Core will begin in 2018-19, and, at that point, new students will begin working under its requirements.

Course Proposal Instructions

If you wish to include a course in Rowan Core starting 2018-19, your proposal must be reviewed by the Rowan Core Committee in Fall 2017. 

There is an online form for submitting these proposals, which is available here:

The deadline for submitting your proposal is Friday, Sept. 29. (Because of the extensive technical and background work required to set up the Rowan Core, courses with proposals submitted after this date will not have a Rowan Core designation in 2018-19.)

The following documentation is available to help you develop and submit your Rowan Core course proposals:




Chairperson: Nathan Bauer -

Committee Members 2017-18
Nathan Bauer Chair
Joel Rudin Faculty - College of Business
Yide Shen Faculty - College of Business
Samantha Crown Faculty - College of Comm/Creative Arts
Erin Herberg Faculty - College of Comm/Creative Arts
John Hasse Faculty -School of Earth/Environment
Robert Eisberg Faculty - College of Education
Richard Fopeano Faculty - College of Education
Jess Everett Faculty - College of Engineering
Zenaida Gephardt Faculty - College of Engineering
Jane Hill Faculty - College of Human/Social Sciences
Joe Davey Faculty - College of Human/Social Sciences
Emily Hyde Faculty - College of Human/Social Sciences
Bryan Appleby-Wineberg Faculty - College of Performing Arts
Tony Hostetter Faculty - College of Performing Arts
Georita Frierson Faculty - College of Science/Math
Ik Jae Lee Faculty - College of Science/Math
Christine Larsen-Britt Professional Staff Advisor
Cindy Finer Professional Staff Advisor
Samantha Kennedy Librarian
  AFT Representative
  SGA Representative
  SGA Representative

End of Year Reports

Rowan Core Annual Report 17-18

Rowan Core Annual Report 16-17