Rowan Core

Rowan Core

Rowan Core Committee is charged with reviewing and assessing proposals for new or modified Rowan Core courses. It also develops goals and outcomes for any new literacies included in revisions to the Core. Finally, the Committee makes recommendations for the selection of a Rowan Core Director.

Current Rowan Core Courses

You can find the current list of approved Rowan Core courses here:

The list shows whether the course is being offered in current or upcoming semesters (based on the latest Banner data), and it can be filtered by Core literacy. If you click on a checkmark for a course, a new tab will open showing detailed course information, including all course attributes.

Rowan Core Implementation

Rowan Core successfully ran a limited initial phase in 2017-18, with twenty courses. During that year, we reviewed and approved another hundred or so courses for inclusion in Rowa Core. As of Fall 2018, all new, first-year students will work under the Rowan Core requirements. (Continuing students and new transfer students will still operate on the previous gen ed model.)

Proposals for Adding Courses to Rowan Core

We welcome your proposals to add courses to Rowan Core, and, for the 2018-19 year, we have simplified the proposal process. If you have an existing course that you wish to add to Rowan Core, there is only one file to submit: a Rowan Core Assessment Document: Here are a few documents that will help you with your proposal: If the course is brand new (or involves significant changes unrelated to adding a Rowan Core designation), then you will need to include the following additional documents in your proposal:
  1. Process B form: 

  2. Library Resources Form:

  3. And a document containing all received consultations.

When you have your proposal ready, email the file(s) to the Rowan Core Chair (Nathan Bauer,

Fall 2018 proposals were due on Friday, Oct. 26. Spring 2019 proposals are due Friday, March 8. Late submissions will still be accepted, but may lead to a delayed review.

This is meant to be a collaborative process, and the Core Committee's goal is to help your department develop the best plan for including the course in Rowan Core--and for assessing the course effectively. You are welcome to send ideas, drafts, questions, etc. to the Rowan Core chair ( ahead of your official proposal submission.

Changes to Existing Rowan Core Courses 

The Rowan Core Committee also reviews proposals to change an existing Rowan Core Course. These changes can include any or all of the following:

  • a change in literacy;
  • switching or adding to the assessed Rowan Core outcomes;
  • changing or adding to the questions, assignments, etc. in your assessment plan.

Email a revised Rowan Core proposal document reflecting these changes (using the latest template: to the Rowan Core chair ( In the body of the email, please summarize (and, if necessary, explain) the changes being made. Spring 2019 revisions are due Friday, March 8. Late submissions will still be accepted, but may lead to a delayed review.

Further Information

More information about Rowan Core is available at the Academic Affairs Assessment page:

Rowan Core Committee Membership

Chairperson: Nathan Bauer -

Committee Members Academic Year 2018-19 
Nathan Bauer Chair
Joel Rudin Faculty - College of Business
Yide Shen  Faculty - College of Business
Gracemarie Fillenwarth Faculty - College of Comm/Creative Arts
Jude Miller Faculty - College of Comm/Creative Arts
Paul Ullmann Faculty -School of Earth/Environment
Bob Eisberg Faculty - College of Education
Amy Accardo  Faculty - College of Education
  Faculty - College of Engineering
  Faculty - College of Engineering
Rachel Budmen Faculty - College of Human/Social Sciences
Janet Lindman Faculty - College of Human/Social Sciences
Anthony Hostetter Faculty - College of Performing Arts
  Faculty - College of Performing Arts
Darren Provine Faculty - College of Science/Math
Catharine Dickerson  Faculty - College of Science/Math
Christine Larsen-Britt Professional Staff Advisor
Cindy Finer Professional Staff Advisor
Dan Kipnis Librarian
Eric Gregory AFT Representative
  SGA Representative
  SGA Representative

End of Year Reports

Rowan Core Annual Report 17-18

Rowan Core Annual Report 16-17